Best Business Ideas For Students

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It really doesn’t matter if you are a full-time student or a part-time student, it is very important you engage yourself with a part-time job while in school.

You may have also been thinking of the kind of business you could possibly do in school and still focus on your academics, well, you are just about to have the best ideas from this article.

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  1. Delivery service – Are there established businesses in the area that could boost their business by being able to deliver? Become their delivery service person and get your commission. For instance, I used to have a coursemate in college who has a barbeque stand and had a challenge with delivering to customers.
  2. Open a Youtube Channel – There is hardly anyone that doesn’t have talent even though some persons believe that they don’t. Now, do you know that even if you don’t have a talent, you can still have a Youtube Channel and be successful in it?Most time, people fail to understand how simple it is to have a Youtube channel that will fetch them money.However, you could be a good comedian, Mc, musician or might even love bodybuilding, whatever you know you can do, just do a little video about yourself or someone in a religious way and see how you will grow your Youtube channel and in no time start making money from it.

    On the other, you may just be so clueless and don’t know what to do, why not do a video about your environment and discuss some unique thing about it? That’s a lovely idea too.
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  3. Blogger/Vlogger – Blogs, or Weblogs, are online journals that are updated frequently, sometimes even daily. People who write blogs are commonly called bloggers. And I won’t lie, this is something I love to do.

    However, a vlogger is somebody who creates and uploads a video blog. You can look as a vlogger as being somebody who films his or her life rather than writing about it. Some vloggers make daily videos of their activities.
    It is just an online blog but it has to do with video uploading instead of texts.
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  4. Online Marketer/Sales Agent – You can be an online market agent that delivers their products in your area.
    I have friends who are students and a jumia agent. You could do your own publicity by starting with your class.
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  5. Online Author – As casual as this may seem, so many persons do this today and are earning big time from it. You don’t need to be in a company or a place to write.One beauty about being an online author is that it doesn’t just build you mentally, but it is something you do and you be your own boss like no other.


The idea lots of persons have about starting up a business at the university is thinking about capital or the time it will take or consume from their academics.

But to be honest, it is all about discipline. It takes absolutely nothing to start up something profitable if you online be willing.

However, just like I have always advised parents and guardians, it’s nice for a kid to be rushed through school, but it is important for that child to be pretty established in various ways.

In essence, what do I mean? Well, instead of rushing a child through school against all odds, you could equip the child with basic skill before going to college.

Let’s see some of the jobs students can do at the university:

  1. Online Editor – These could fall into different categories, it could be a photo or image editor, it could also be an online writing editor.This is strictly your game. The truth is that most students are too quick to conclude that there is no market for their business ideas but there is always a market as long as humans are around.
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  2. Hairdresser/nail fixing – Some years ago, hairdressing or nail fixing was categorized as a female job.Well, hairdressing/nail fixing can be done by anyone. However, what you need is to be very good at what you do.Most challenge or many students is laziness and unwarranted excuses. You will do well in school if you don’t fail in delivering your job.
  3. Weavon selling – As I said, you don’t need all the cash to start this up. Just go to someone that sells this hair weaves, review it and post on your status, timeline or any of your social media channel.Meanwhile, you must enter into a fair negotiation with the shop owner or the person with the hair weaves.
  4. Make/Selling of makeup products – I have seen students do this. All you have to do is learn how to do it, do it and start selling in school. Start first in your hostel and expand your niche.
    learn how to make makeup products
  5. Making/ selling of shoes – This is one job I saw a beautiful girl do in Uniben and I was amazed. You too can do it.No doubts, most people and even students think this is a male job, but unfortunately, this isn’t a gender-sensitive business. It’s all about having the skill and being willing to do it.


We have been giving a list of business ideas that college students can do while pursuing a college degree.

Talent is key to executing any of the business ideas but there is something of absolute importance which is packaging.

Great packaging enhances beauty and worth. You must learn to do great packaging for any of the business ideas you decide to venture into.

  1. Ordering of Online Products – I have a course mate who does this in school and earns tremendously from it. You could order products online and market them in school.You don’t have to be an agent to do this. Check out the difference between ordering products online and an online agent.
  2. Ushering Agency – I have friends in school who do this. But one of the disadvantages I noticed about this is that you most likely will have to always go out of the university premises.Not everyone needs a job that will always take them out of school. But it is a nice job that one can do in school.
  3. Graphics designing – Graphics design is a major “money attracting business” you can do in school and outside school if you have a good taste of fashion and how to complete excellent work.If you know how to do graphics design, be rest assured jobs will come knocking at your doorstep while in school. For instance, there are always final year students leaving school yearly, they always need to do final year BANNER and needs to be designed, even final yearbook too.If you are very good and active in class, your coursemates won’t just give you jobs to do, but also recommends you for business.
  4. Events planning/decorator – All the business ideas I have been discussing just need you to start where you are. Some persons I know became an event planner and a good decorator just because they joined such department in their fellowships in school.In essence, what I am trying to say is that, what so ever is worth doing, please do it well. You can learn the skill anywhere if you be willing, all it requires is your readiness.
  5. Phone/ Laptops repairs – As much as I know, people with this skill are big in school. Nearly every student has a phone, laptop or both. If you have this skill and you can really deliver, you could even be doing buying and selling of phones or laptops accessories.


College can be a great time to explore entrepreneur skill if you really want to.

And there are plenty of different business opportunities that college students can start without a lot of upfront expense or time commitment.

The beauty of most of these business ideas is that college students can do this at their own convenient because you can be practically your own boss.

  1. Tutoring service – If you’re attending college on a scholarship and know a required subject very well start a tutoring service for local elementary or high school students who want to get into a good school like you. You can also record your tutorials and sell them as downloads online.
  2. Designing of T-shirts – This is one classic business students can go into. There are so many students already into it in school but you can come up with a quality design and even a customized wrist band etc..
  3. Selling of clothes – You could also go into this business. It is something very lucrative that most students do while in school.Students that stay in school hostel have more chance of doing this because of the number of students that stay in the school hostel and the ease of carrying the clothes about.I know of a student at a University that started this business and continued till he got a shop to continue selling clothes in school. It is very lucrative.
  4. Selling of underwears – Everyone wears undies. This is a very lucrative business for both sexes.
  5. Making / Selling of skincare products – If you can make good skincare products, you can start selling it in school too. Students like to try new products and if it is good, be rest assured that you will be patronized.
  6. Making of hair products – So many students do this in school. It all depends on if you can make hair products.
  7. Transportation service – If you go to a rural or suburban school where students need transportation to do simple things and you have a car, start a transportation service.

We believe the business ideas for students we have listed in this article can be of help to you. Please kindly share this post with your friends using the share button.


If you have any issue or concerns, kindly comment below and it will be attended to ASAP. However, if you want to discuss with an admin on WhatsApp or Telegram, please visit the Contact US Page. Thank you

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