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JUPEB Programmes: The common method known by lots of students in entering Nigeria universities is to write Jamb and then the school’s Post UTME, not everyone is familiar with JUPEB or IJMB.


This method has led to so much frustration to many students and has changed the dreams of so many students.


In fact, I know someone who has written Jamb more than six times all in the name of getting medicine.


It has been really terrible for many students.


The painful part is when some eventually pass Jamb and then get knocked out by Post UTME, and only to re-write Jamb but not been able to pass at all.


Nothing is as frustrating as seeing your mates enter the university while you sit at home thinking and doing nothing, and you can’t seem to know why you have not been able to gain admission after several triers.


Nonetheless, some students were able to pass the Jamb and Post UTME and are offered admission, why some are offered courses they don’t want but have to accept because they can’t stay at home anymore.


If you are reading this now, I want you to take a look at this article, how to choose a course to study, it will help you make the right choice of course.




All that been said, then came the advent of IJMB and the JUPEB Programme which avails students the opportunity to gain admission into several universities in Nigeria through direct entry.


JUPEB Programme allows students to gain admission into 200L without having to write Jamb or Post UMTE.


The Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) is a national examinations body approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria in December 2013.


It was formally established in April 2014 by a consortium of ten (10) partnering universities led by the University of Lagos.


The board has the responsibility of conducting common and standard examinations for the candidates, who have been exposed to a minimum of one-year approved courses in the different Universities’ Foundation and/or Diploma Programmes and are seeking Direct Entry admissions into University courses at the 200 Level in Nigerian and partnering foreign universities.


It has become established that JUPEB is another way of gaining admission into most partnering Universities.


If you wish to know the list of Universities that offers Jupeb programme, click here.


Eligibility For JUPEB


To be eligible to take examinations leading to the award of JUPEB’s Direct Entry Certificates, the candidate must have been exposed to an intensive scheme of academic work relevant to his/her proposed university course.

  • Each candidate must register, sit for Examinations and satisfy the Board in three subjects and a General Studies course relevant to the proposed course in any of the universities.
  • Each subject is to be broken into four courses to be taken, two per semester, by the candidate. The results in all the courses are to be merged at the end of the second semester to obtain the candidate’s grade in that particular subject.
  • Each candidate is expected to take twelve (12) courses, six per semester, and a General Studies course.
  • The general Studies for courses in each University Faculty will be based on relevant General courses suggested for that Faculty by each university.
  • The students upon completion of the programme will be issued certificates based on their level of performance which bear Letter Grades of A, B, C, D, E or F in each of the three subjects and General Studies Paper.


For admission into each university, each candidate, in addition to passing the prescribed JUPEB examinations for issuing the Direct Entry Certificates, must satisfy all other conditions as prescribed by his/her university of choice.


JUPEB Duration of Academic Programme


The duration of the Programme of courses for the Board’s Examination is a minimum of one academic session of two semesters.


Entry Qualifications For JUPEB


The Basic Qualification for Enrolment is a minimum of five (5) Credit Passes at the Senior Secondary Certificate (SSCE) /General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level in subjects relevant to the desired university programme or course of study.

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