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How Determination Helps in Examination

SELF-DETERMINATION Self-determination is actually one of the major factors that determine success in a particular endeavour or place of interest. Some persons have often said that your path to success is always based on the determination that you have ingrained within yourself. Self-determination is not whether you’re a good or...

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How To Be Disciplined When You Study

HOW TO STAY DISCIPLINE WHEN YOU STUDY Over time, we have heard people gnash over their inability to stay disciplined when they study or prepare for an examination and often look for ways to improve their study habit. There is actually no habit that can’t be dropped no matter how...

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How To Prepare For Any Examination Effectively

HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN EXAMINATION There have been some arguments or discussion on “How to prepare for an examination.” In preparing to write an examination, some students have often asked if they need to read 24/7 or just read for only an hour. Every time, our response to the...