Disadvantages of Jupeb Programme

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Disadvantages of JUPEB Programme


DISADVANTAGES OF JUPEB: I have always wanted to write about the Disadvantages of JUPEB programme but one way or the other, at the end of the day, I always find out I did not get to write about it. 

Well, I am happy I have dropped procrastination aside to really write about the disadvantages of JUPEB programme.

However, before I start to give these disadvantages, I want you to also have it in your mind that there are also a lot of advantages of JUPEB programme

In fact, it has very good advantages that really outweigh the disadvantages to some persons including myself.

So I will advise you not to have a negative thought before and after you read this guide because it was created to give you a fuller understanding about the things you probably didn’t know about the JUPEB programme.

Also, before I came out with this disadvantages of JUPEB programme, I want you to know that I met with past and current JUPEB students of three major universities in Nigeria which are, UNIBEN, UNILAG and UNIPORT. 

They shared their experiences and challenges, to be honest, they are similar.

So now, I want you to take your time, read this article and share it with your friends before you take the JUPEB programme.

Just like I said before, JUPEB Programmes also have some advantages. In fact, I have also done an article on the advantages of JUPEB programme I would recommend that you go through it at your convenience. 

Major Disadvantages Of JUPEB Programmes and The Challenges JUPEB Students Face

In this article, we are not just tackling the basic disadvantages of the programme itself, we are also involving the challenges of individual JUPEB students.

What I mean is, when a student is distracted or a student doesn’t read properly for an exam, that’s not the programme’s fault but the fault of the student.

So now, let’s begin with the points highlighted by the various JUPEB students I interacted with.

Too Expensive

Without any doubt, the JUPEB programme is very expensive.

Although, not every student thinks in this direction as a lot of students do not consider the money when it comes to taking up the JUPEB programme.

That is, the money isn’t actually the main concern for lots of students but the main concern is gaining admission.

And just like the sayings go, all fingers are not equal and also, desperate times, requires desperate measures.

The money expenses aren’t a problem for some persons.

Now let me give you a little break down of the average expenses of JUPEB programme in UNIPORT.

The average school fees for JUPEB programme in UNIPORT is #503,000 if you are paying the school fees once.

But if you want to pay the school fees in two instalments, then the school fees raises to #526,000.

Also, if you want to pay the school fees in three instalments, then the school fees raised to #530,000.

What about accommodation? Well, the hostel accommodation is optional. But if you want accommodation, here are the fees below.

For shared rooms, you pay #150,000.

Also, for a self-contain or single room, you pay #200,000 and for compulsory feeding, you pay #400,000.

That’s for UNIPORT JUPEB. Mind you, there are other small-small payments here and there but I just want to talk about the school fees and accommodation alone.

Also, for UNIBEN JUPEB, it is a bit cheaper than UNILAG and UNIPORT.

The school fees of JUPEB students in UNIBEN is #200,000 for non-science students and #210,000 for science students.

The school fees is paid once.

UNIBEN doesn’t accept school fees payment by instalments.

Also, JUPEB students pay #50,000 as acceptance fee. But the programme is a non-residential so you have to get accommodation outside the school.

JUPEB School Fees

Without wasting much time on this particular point, UNILAG JUPEB students pay average school fees of #450,000 to #500,000.

If you want to see a real break down of the school fees of JUPEB programme for other schools, check the articles below.


What Are The Disadvantages of JUPEB

  • The Fallacy or Deceit of Thinking You Are Already A Student

This is actually a personal problem for JUPEB students and not the JUPEB programme itself.

A lot of JUPEB students go through this challenge when they gain admission into the programme.

They tend to forget that their goal and mission is to pass.

Unlike students of the institution, they can get an F and still have another chance to write it again but JUPEB students do not have that privilege.

Most JUPEB students tend to participate and do everything other students do. They even attend social meetings and participate in social gatherings like regular students.

It is not supposed to be so.

You must not forget your purpose as a JUPEB student if you want to really succeed.

  • Learning Environment 

Honestly, if you have not been a JUPEB student, you may not understand this point.

However, if you are a student at the university, you can have a glimpse.

Majority of JUPEB students are very young and they have hardly ever experienced what they will when doing the programme.

The university systems say that the main purpose of the JUPEB programme is to create an alternative admission route for students who find it hard to gain admission through JAMB.

Well, that is what it seems like.

But the truth is the JUPEB programme is also a medium for the schools to generate money.

There is actually no limit for the number of students the school admits into the JUPEB programme so there is always these massive crowd of JUPEB students in each lecture theatre.

The learning environment is not conducive at all.

If it is 1000LT, then you have to come very early sometimes as early as 6:30 AM for an 8:00 AM class just so you can sit in front.

If you are a student that can’t cope with crowds in a learning environment, then you will really have a problem.

This is why most JUPEB students just end up not attending classes but get the necessary materials and read In their hostels.

Nonetheless, I usually don’t encourage that.

You have to be really disciplined to read in your hostel.

  • Too Congested 

This is more like what I listed above.

The crowd of students you will meet in a class can irritate you or even suffocate you.

Imagine when students start making noise or if someone mouth is smelling close to you, it’s just terrible.

But that’s the way the programme is.

There are always thousands of students taking up JUPEB programmes yearly.

And with the congested environment, some persons find it hard to concentrate or even cope.

  • Excessive Distractions

This disadvantage should be the loudest. ☺

Distraction is a major disadvantage for JUPEB students.

Distractions ranging from emotional, physical to sociological.

Imagine the kind of people you will meet in the programme and the activities that will be going on in the school as well.

You need to be extremely disciplined to stay focused.

Distraction is the reason many JUPEB students fail woefully.

Some girls are distracted by boys from either fellow JUPEB students or from students who claim to be saints just to devour.

Also, boys are distracted by girls.

If you have never been to the university, you may not understand the level of distraction but it takes discipline to overcome.

Lots of students actually don’t get distracted because they always remind themselves of the reasons why they are in the programme.

  • Too Much Lectures

The lectures are too much for most JUPEB students.

No school actually wants their students to fail so they try as much as possible to teach them JUPEB students.

On the other hand, it depends on the lecturers.

Some lecturers hardly teach or even come to class while some over teache.

  • Inherent Fear That You May Not Pass

This is one of the disadvantages that JUPEB students face.

There is always this fear within the students that they may not pass or do well.

In some students, it makes them read more while for others, it kills their vibes.

Sometimes because of the kind of words they hear from people and the pressure within.

Well, you don’t have to feel this way.

JUPEB programmes is very easy and you can do extremely well if you don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

  • Ill Talks From Lectures That Threatens Your Confidence

Sometimes, it is the lecturers that speak wrongly and puts fear on students.

They say all kinds of things that can make JUPEB students dispirited.

Some lecturers always try to mount pressure on JUPEB students because of the kind of words they use.

Well, if you take this programme, try not to allow Ill talks from lecturers or students to distract you.

Know yourself and read the best way you can.

JUPEB programme is actually very easy.

  • Not Getting Your Desired Course if You Do Not Pass Well

This shouldn’t be considered a disadvantage but based on the way it affects most students, it has to be considered a disadvantage of JUPEB programme.

There is a cut off mark for every course you may want to study, and if you don’t get up to the cut-off mark, you won’t get your desired course.

For instance, for you to study medicine, you have to score 15 points and nothing less, otherwise you won’t be given the course.

Most JUPEB students end up angry when they don’t get their desired course but the truth is, they didn’t get up to the desired cut off mark.

Because in the midst of all the complaints, most students still end up doing extremely well and getting their desired course.

A JUPEB student also confide in me that she is angry because she didn’t get medicine that she filled even after she had scored 14 points.

Well, I told her she ought to know that the cut off mark for medicine is 15 points but she said she wants medicine and can’t stay any other course.

Because of that, she told me she hated the JUPEB programme that they don’t give you your desired course.

All the same, I also met with several students that hot their desired course through the programme.

Getting your desired course depends on your acquired points.

If you want to know about how JUPEB point is calculated, you can click here.

  • You May End Up Losing All Your Money if Don’t Get Admitted

This is same everywhere. If you take jamb form today if you don’t pass, then you have lost your money.

The JUPEB programme is not different. If you don’t pass, your money has jakpa. 😂 😂 😂 😂

Because of the enormous amount of money spent on the programme, most JUPEB students think it is impossible to fail.

Well, there are people that will still fail the programme.

Even if you have spent a million Naira, if you don’t do what is right or required of you as a student, you will fail the programme.

If you fail the JUPEB programme, there is no refunding of your money. ☺

  • Not All JUPEB Students Gain Admission

I have discussed this disadvantage of JUPEB programme above.

You are not guaranteed to pass JUPEB programme because of the amount you spent.

Your effort or seriousness matters a lot.

In fact, there was a guy that did UNIBEN JUPEB and was never attending classes.

All he does was to come to his hostel with different girls and also go to clubs on weekends.

Well, the outcome was that he failed the JUPEB programme and didn’t gain admission.

When he came to pack his things from his hostel because he has to go back to his parents now, he told me that the JUPEB programme is a scam. 😂 😂 😂 😂

I laughed and told him he actually scammed himself.

To end this topic, I will always recommend the JUPEB programmes ahead of JAMB UTME if you have the money because of the several advantages of the programme.

But as a student doing JUPEB programme, you must be ready to read your books.

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If you have any issue or concerns, kindly comment below and it will be attended to ASAP. However, if you want to discuss with an admin on WhatsApp or Telegram, please visit the Contact US Page. Thank you

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