Disadvantages of part-time study

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We did an article on why you should consider part-time study and we received a lot of reactions which has made us do this article on the disadvantages of part-time study.

A part-time study has several advantages and disadvantages which must be weighed carefully before taking up part-time study.

And according to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics that examined part-time undergraduates who began school in 1995, 73 per cent had left school without earning a degree or certificate. Among full-time students, only 28 per cent had dropped out without a degree or certificate.

Part-time students are less likely to graduate or drop out compared to full-time students. The disadvantages of studying part-time if properly checked could be a major reason some persons would prefer to attend full time studying than studying part-time.

In fact, not everyone is advised to take up part-time or full-time study as the case may be because of the disadvantages.

Often students choose to go to school part-time to be able to maintain a job or perform other activities while still receiving an education.


Being a part-time student carries with it some unavoidable disadvantages you cannot sweep under the carpet.


Here are a few lists of disadvantages you should consider before taking up a part-time study.


If you are taking up full-time study, you should have a more focussed and balanced mind to academic activities. You have time to meet up with deadlines set up by lecturers.

However, if you are a part-time student, you will have lots of unavoidable distractions.

One reason most people take up part-time study is that they have other things doing which are equally very important. Such things divert the attention of part-time students.

Studying with a stressed mind or divided attention doesn’t help study. 

If you are a worker, you may find your boss is not very understanding about your course and doesn’t give you the support that you need.

You may even be self-employed but the distractions aren’t different at all. This is a major disadvantage of part-time study


It will always take longer for a part-time student to graduate than for a full-time student to complete the same course load.

If a full-time student takes four classes a semester and graduates in four years, it will take a part-time student taking half as many classes eight years.

But in reality, part-time courses only add a single year which means the scheme is not all the same with the full-time study plan.

This in its self is a disadvantage of part-time study. Also, this can result in a delay in the career advancement that a degree confers on its recipient.

Furthermore, most part-time students, lose interest and have a long break in the middle of their program, or fail exams because they don’t have time to fully concentrate on revision and therefore have to re-take failed courses.


It’s normally more expensive than full-time study.

This range from the tuition fee to other expenses incurred during the program. To take up part-time study, you should be ready to spend more money and even more precious time.

Part-time students usually have classes during weekends. This is really expensive as weekends aren’t really free time for anyone.


One of the chief drawbacks of being a part-time student is missing out on social contact with peers.

This can include personal benefits, such as making new friends, as well as professional ones, such as making new contacts among other students and teachers in your field.

You can also be missing out on school activities. Also, you can’t even stay in the school hostel as accommodation is not provided for part-time students.

Studying part-time will almost certainly mean that you don’t feel like you are part of the class in the same way that you would if you are studying full-time.

If your course is online, you may not get to know your course mates at all. And if your main aim is to get a qualification and move on, that may not be an issue, but in general, a sense of belonging will encourage you to work harder.

Support from coursemates could also help spur you on in your studies, but of course, if you barely know them, this is unlikely to happen.


It’s not all courses that accept part-time students. This becomes a disadvantage to studying part-time if the course you would have loved to study isn’t available in your desired school.

This is particularly true among elite institutions, which often demand that students attend full time.

Therefore, part-time students have a smaller pool of programs to attend, limiting their options for the type of education they can receive.

Even more, not all universities are accredited to even run a part-time degree programme. You can check out the list of universities accredited to run the part-time program in Nigeria.

In Uniben, not all courses are accredited for part-time study. You can also check the list of part-time courses offered in Uniben.


This is a major disadvantage of part-time study. Part-time students are not normally giving the needed academic attention.

In some cases, lecturers don’t even show up to take part-time students.

Most likely, part-time students may even gather for a class during weekends and lecturers won’t show up.

Some times, lecturers may just give excuses like attending social activities during the weekend and not show up. This is a disadvantage of part-time study.

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