How Determination Helps in Examination

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Self-determination is actually one of the major factors that determine success in a particular endeavour or place of interest.

Some persons have often said that your path to success is always based on the determination that you have ingrained within yourself.

Self-determination is not whether you’re a good or bad person, it is how you align your energy and attention towards your focus, It’s about what you’re willing to do to achieve your end goal.

In the aspect of examination which is the major focus of this article, self-determination in examination plays a major role in that it doesn’t recount on the number of failures or attempt you’ve given to that examination.



In our previous article on discipline, we did make mention of how getting rid of distractions is a major factor in which you train yourself to be disciplined in examination preparation.

In staying determined, avoiding distractions is very vital.

When you want to stay determined in examination preparation, you often get offers from friends and family that want to take you out and they probably get offended when you turn them down but that how to stay determined.

You don’t have to go out at someone’s else schedule but your very schedule.

You make a conscious decision to read or study your books and refuse to be distracted by any physical or emotional objects.


You must be ready to narrow your choices.

Failure to strike out what distracts you or your detractors leads to a paralyzed focus and in no time, it would be so hard for you to make a firm decision on what to do even though you know what is best for you.

This goes beyond physical distractors or distractions, because sometimes when you want to even read your books you find yourself entangled in the dilemma of what subject should I read and (or) what topic should I read and practically end up not reading at all.

You must master the act of narrowing your choices if you want to be a success in your forthcoming examination.


Your commitment is shown or seen from what you do.

Being committed to your examination success is demonstrated or seen on the effort you put into making your goals materialize, making a clear plan and sticking to it against all odds.

You must be ready to stick to your plans 100% until you have successfully achieved your goals.

That’s difficult enough but if you want to become great at what you do, you have to over-commit.

You don’t show commitment by only reading when you see your friends or your parents return from workplace etc…that’s probably eyed service and it doesn’t profit in examination success.


Just like sportsmen and women, they practice daily to stay afloat.

Practising consciously to be self-determined is a great way of staying determined to your goal.

This isn’t a natural thing that just comes, we practise to put ourselves abreast of our goal and stay focused.

Practising to always read and conscious see yourself stick to it against all odds is a great virtue.

Decide to read or study always and see yourself making this a reality.


It is true that we all what motivates us and what makes us be so determined.

When you discover why you should be determined, You write it down and always make it motivates you.

Our drive comes from different circumstances, some may say I get motivated more determined when I see the sufferings of my family.

It doesn’t matter what motivates you, just make sure you always have something to fuel your purpose.


If you have the goal at heart, you will always be determined to read and study hard to be a success.

When you have to write an examination, don’t just think of passing the examination, think of what passing the examination will do for you.

If you always remember the goal, you will never be caught unaware.

You will find yourself craving for ways to make your dreams a reality and invariably ingrain to your purpose. 

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