How To Be Disciplined When You Study

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Over time, we have heard people gnash over their inability to stay disciplined when they study or prepare for an examination and often look for ways to improve their study habit.

There is actually no habit that can’t be dropped no matter how bad. Not being disciplined when you study can affect your study life and your performers in school generally.

Anyway, are you a student that always say, “I want to read by this or that time,” but end up not reading because of some things that you find hard to get away from?

Do you find it hard to stay disciplined when you prepare for an examination? Well, it’s time to be disciplined.

First and foremost, self-discipline can be “learnt and practice.”

Just like the old saying goes, “Self-discipline is the difference between choosing what you want now and choosing what you want most.” 

Have you ever seen a man or woman poised at having six packs or losing body fat?

You see such folks train or do exercise daily no matter the weakness of the muscles just to achieve what they want the most.

This is likened to self-discipline, it is not always easy but its always worth it.

Now let’s look at the three most disturbing influence that tends to distract us when we prepare for an examination:

  • social media
  • friends
  • family.

But with the perfect timing and determination, these three disturbing influences can be a thing of the past.



Just like the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.”

When you know what causes distraction or temptation for you, get rid of them from your site or reach that particular study time.

Removing all temptations and distractions from your environment is very crucial when working on how to be disciplined when you study.

If you are trying to have better control of your eating, get rid of junk foods. It’s usually unhealthy having things that temp you around while you plan to get rid of temptations.

If your phone is your distraction, put it off during your study time and drop it far away.

Imagine leaving your phone behind when going to study somewhere a bit far from home, just do it, it won’t cost you a thing.

Get rid of temptation!


There is never a perfect time to begin studying for your examination.

So many students wait for a perfect time to study and it’s not right.

A few students often say “I will start reading two weeks to my exam.” because it’s always the best time for me to remember what I have read.

Well, that’s not right at all.

You shouldn’t wait for perfect timing before you start reading just in case of any eventualities.

At the time you set to read, parents could send you on an errand, friends may drag you out to watch football, go swimming or attend a birthday party.

Just like getting rid of temptations, you don’t tempt yourself by waiting for a specific time to read where other activities unplanned for may affect your study life.

Discipline yourself to do things beforehand. It pays more.


Studies have shown that when we are practising self-discipline, our mental energy tanks gets drained gradually.

It’s also very true that when you are hungry, you find it hard to concentrate.

You become pissed by every little thing and your self-discipline is highly affected.

It is very important to eat good food and eat well when training to be self-disciplined and preparing for an examination.


Just because you have to read for an examination doesn’t mean you should not give your self a break or preferably rest at different times.

Even if your examination is a few days away and you haven’t really prepared beforehand, staying stressed or not resting properly could be detrimental as it will affect your performers. Resting is very important to your mental performers.

You perform and assimilate better after every little rest.

You are not a robot or a machine, but even if you were, robots and machines still get serviced and need to be put off once in a while.


Imagine you were on your way to go do one of your activities that don’t really relate to your examination study, and a huge guy attacks you with gun on your head and gave you books to study, and says if you don’t study this book in the next few hours you will be no more.

Common, obviously, you will even be ready to study the books for a whole day just so you can live.

That’s the same intensity and preference you should give to your studies.

Take your books like your life depends on it and be self-disciplined enough to believe that your life depends on it, then you will be a success.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.


It is very important to acknowledge your small victory and grade yourself for it.

When you give your yourself a task to accomplish at a particular time, acknowledge your success in achieving it and move the dyke even higher.

Every victory attains and acknowledged is very important in becoming self-disciplined. 


Self-discipline is not just a natural phenomenon that doesn’t attract work.

It attracts a lot of work and you have to work.

Some people are more self-disciplined than others, they have the rare ability to say “NO” to themselves when they want to say “YES”.

Some persons have trained themselves to be very disciplined and almost have become master of willpower. But you can always start small and practice.

It takes practice to have great willpower.

You must grant yourself the necessary start-up zeal.
If you truly want to become an expert at having self-discipline while studying, you have to practice and start small, especially if you find yourself always giving in to what you want now than what you want the most.

You can start small by giving yourself a 15minutes study time without any distraction.

When you achieve that, you give yourself another time and try to achieve even more. This continues till you have full control of your will.

NB: When we achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we get a boost of confidence which can improve many aspects of our lives.

One of the key factors to stay disciplined when you study is studying something you enjoy or studying for the right course. That’s why to stay happy and successful in your academic pursuit, you have to know how to choose the right course to study.

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If you have any issue or concerns, kindly comment below and it will be attended to ASAP. However, if you want to discuss with an admin on WhatsApp or Telegram, please visit the Contact US Page. Thank you
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