How To Check Jamb Market Place

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Jamb Caps Market Place

Today we will be discussing jamb market place and why you should exploit it. Too many jamb candidates have been asking about Jamb Market Place and want to know what to access it.

Firstly, do you know that you can gain admission into a University or Polytechnic you never filled to during jamb?

This is made possible through Jamb Market Place. The Market Place feature enables different Universities or Polytechnics to source for candidates who may meet their admission criteria and didn’t initially choose them.

 Some institutions may specify various selection
parameters such as UTME score, State/ Local Government, Gender, preferred programmes/course of the Candidates.

This is what Jamb caps marketplace consideration is all about. Jamb checks your score, local government and course them shares with other schools.

Some of these schools now luckily consider you for admission.

Jamb Market Place

Consider Jamb Market Place like a real market where you go to buy or sell things. What am I trying to say? In Jamb Market Place, it’s not just the institution that sources for students but students can also make themselves available to institutions to consider.

This is made very flexible because a student can indicate a new course from the one earlier chosen provided it’s O’ Level result is complete and also, the subject combination earlier chosen in UTME correlate with the new course.

Furthermore, when an agreement or understanding on Admission consideration between the Institution and candidate based on Market Place operations is reached, the candidate will have to affect such by buying Change of Institution form on the JAMB Portal to be available for download by the new Institution to follow the subsequent steps in the Admission Processing.


When you visit caps marketplace, you will see something like, the following institutions are considering you for admission, click on accept/reject button, to either accept or reject the offer.

Please be informed that accepting the offer does not mean you have been admitted, it simply implies that you have accepted to be considered for admission by the institution.

If you don’t like the school, don’t accept. Accepting means you have agreed to be a candidate of the institution that has considered you for admission.

A candidate may Accept / Reject Jamb Market Place consideration, subject to a maximum of three (3) Market Place considerations at a time.


  1.  Login to your Jamb profile by clicking here.
  2. Ensure to enter the correct email and password you used to register your Jamb profile.
  3. After successfully logging in, click on the options button ( the button with 3 dash) at the top of the page. Then click CAPS under the admission TAB.
  4.  If the page only shows ‘welcome’, do not be discouraged. Just click on options on your mobile’s browser and change the view of the page to ‘desktop view’. This is why it’s preferable to use a PC.
  5. You’ll see some options listed at the left-hand side. Click on ‘MARKETPLACE’.
  6. That’s all… You will know if you have been considered for admission in any other institution apart from your school of choice.

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