How To Manage Your Time During Jamb Examination

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So many persons have often asked, “How do I manage my time during Jamb examination?” Well, without wasting much time, we are here to give you a few tips that can save you a whole lot of time when writing your next jamb examination.

I have come across lots of persons who read for jamb examination but never really practice for effective ways to manage time during jamb examination. Like I always say, it’s not just enough to read, there are some things you must do and have in you.

Here are a few tips to make your next jamb examination time be more than enough for you.


This is one of the most important factors that most students take for granted.

When you are writing jamb examination or any examination at all, getting to the examination venue on/in time has some confidence level been built in you by the secretion of adrenaline in your body.

Part of your preparation for Jamb Examination is reaching the examination venue in time.

If you go to your jamb examination venue in time, you are sure to be more composed, settled and balanced before the start of the examination and you are more likely to reflect on things you have read and also make a sound judgement when picking your answers.


You know, this part always amuses me because I was once a victim of this.

I always used to think that I was so orderly that when I get examination questions, I would start from the number (1) question and try not to skip any question at all when answering them.

Often times, I get stuck in a particular question and I won’t want to leave such question till I have answered it. I will waste time trying to figure it out and sometimes, until I start to hear, “get ready to submit” before it becomes done on me that I haven’t finished my work. 

Don’t let yourself be a victim of such uncalled for mistakes.

Answer the questions you know and skip the ones you don’t know first, and once you are done with the ones you know, come back to answer the ones you skipped.


When you write Jamb Examination, cultivate the good habit of answering the easy questions you know first.

When you write jamb examination, ensure your eyes goes through every question even if you don’t answer all.

So many persons make mistakes of wanting to answer all the questions they know serially. But please, don’t do it.

All questions usually carry equal marks and there are some questions you know but it will take much of your time trying to answer such questions, so skip the hard questions you know first and start to answer the simple ones you know before going back to answer the hard ones you left before.

There is usually no glory or joy knowing the answers to lots of questions but not having enough time to answer them. It is a painful experience.

It is usually heartbreaking coming out of the examination hall and your friends got to tell you of some pretty simple questions they answered but you never got to even see the questions because you have spent your time answering the hard ones.

Don’t make such a mistake. Answer the simple questions you know first.


It is actually a good habit to be able to skip the questions you don’t know instead of wasting your time on it.

You can always come back to answer any questions skipped after you must have answered all the ones you know.

So many of our friends we call scholars who don’t do well in an examination don’t just know how to be disciplined in an examination, otherwise, they will do pretty well by scoring very high in jamb examination.


When you write Jamb examination or any examination at all, be sure to always keep your eyes on the clock.

This doesn’t suggest in any way that you should be agitated, but it helps you know how much time you have used and how much time you have got left.

Sometimes when you are spending more time on a particular question, keeping an eye on the clock helps you know that you have spent this and that time on a question or on the examination in total.


This is one mistake some persons make often.

Imagine you are a maths student and you decide to proof every formula you are to use during jamb examination. That’s is totally not right or necessary.

You can’t be deriving formulas in an examination where you were not asked to derive or show your work. Wisdom, they say is profitable to direct.

Please carefully memorize as many formulas as you can and only apply them in the jamb examination hall instead of proving again.


Don’t rush yourself.

Some persons are by default always agitated before and during jamb examination and because of this, they tend to rush themselves which makes them not to pay attention to details of the examination questions.

Don’t rush yourself.

Because you work with time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be settled in the examination hall.

You must learn not to rush yourself during jamb examination. Always trust yourself.


I am very sure that talking is not allowed during Jamb examination and if you are caught talking, you may be asked to leave the Jamb CBT Centre or wait for some time while your time counts.

This is not something you may want to happen to you because it will really destabilize you.

On the other hand, even if you are not caught, when you talk to others in the examination hall about the questions you have answered and there seems to be a contradiction between the answers you got and that of whoever you spoke with, it becomes a problem for you because you have to solve or check your answers again and in so doing, you are wasting more time you would have used answering other questions.


When you are in the examination hall or Jamb CBT Centre, always try to take a deep breath or two, it helps you relax real good.

No matter the examination questions or settings, just ensure you take a deep breath and relax your mind. It helps.


Like I always tell students, prepare for the unexpected all the time.

There is a guy that read so much in 2017 Jamb, but he didn’t prepare his mind for the unexpected and while he was writing, his computer went off and the boy shouted right there in the CBT Center and started crying that he has failed the examination that his time is counting while the computer was off.

Anyway, that isn’t the case. He thought so because he is not fully grounded of how the Jamb CBT works.

He didn’t prepare his mind that something like that could happen and when it does, he felt devastated and confused. You must prepare for the unexpected just in case of any eventuality.

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