How To Prepare For Any Examination Effectively

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There have been some arguments or discussion on How to prepare for an examination.

In preparing to write an examination, some students have often asked if they need to read 24/7 or just read for only an hour.

Every time, our response to the question is always simple, “It depends on you.” Because of the persistent questions of students, we have put together some vital qualities a student should possess to actually pass any examination in flying colours.

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Does reading every day or 24/7 the solution to passing an examination in flying colours?

Actually, reading every day or 24/7 is good but it doesn’t guarantee you success in an examination.

Here is a break down of what you should possess when you prepare for an examination:


This is just one of the major problems of students(Exam Candidates).

According to the way the Oxford dictionary puts it, “The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour practice,” this, however, shows that many students are not well disciplined.

Some students actually have the heart or goodwill to read but because of lack of discipline, they find it hard to really read when they are supposed to.

To be really successful, you must be disciplined enough to make strident decisions.

Make a decision and be poised and passionate a keeping to it. 


This is a driving force that should always keep you ahead.

If you are not very determined or committed to your own success, nothing and no one will.

Every now and then, students lose focus on the reason why they want to pass the examination.

If the very purpose of you passing the examination stays afresh in your heart, you will always be determined academically.


This is a very important virtue that most students don’t have. Many students are not decisive before and even during the examination itself.

Some students are not decisive and don’t even know how to choose a course to study, what school they want to attend or why they are attending the school they have chosen.

Some students are not decisive when it comes to answering questions in the examination hall.

In 2012, I wrote an examination called Jamb, I have read very hard for that exam and was expecting a blast.

Some candidates and I stood outside waiting to be cleared to write the examination when suddenly I saw some candidates shading answers that they want to take into the hall. They were saying things like “Na Type A, B, C, D answers for physics, mathematics, English language, chemistry be this,” I was like, what!!!

I still didn’t mind them till I was inside the examination hall and these candidates started using what they have smuggled into the examination hall.

I maintain my peace until the invigilator of the examination came to me and said, “Why are you not using what your mates are using? Do you want to fail?” I just smiled and she took the expo from another person and gave it to me, I took it, God so kind, it was the same paper type as mine.

I started shading but the answers started contradicting the answers I have already shaded and I became concerned of the source of the expo but someone said, “My guy shade, na university professor answer am; abi you know book reach professor?.”

Immediately I heard that I lost my strength to be decisive and I erased all my correct previous answers only to use the expo in totality.

Well, I failed the examination very well because I was not fully decisive.

As a student, you must be very decisive.


Many students lack the motivation to prepare for an examination or pass an examination.

Some persons have even asked, how do I get motivated for my examination?

You have to find your motivation and let your motivation motivates you.

For many, they only want to pass an examination or be a success in life because of their parents, some, because of lack or want, it doesn’t really matter what motivates you, just be motivated.


When you read or prepare for an examination, you have to know your strength.

In knowing your strength, you must be sure of what you know and what you don’t know.

For instance, many persons can read for 16-18hours every day and still retain what they have read but that may not be true with you.

Just know your strength and know what works for you.

You can read more about knowing your strength here.


If you don’t know your weakness as a student, you may never know how to tackle it rightly.

It is true that we are all humans but there is a difference between our abilities.

Because you can’t play football like Ronaldo or Messi doesn’t mean you are not good at anything, just know your weakness and work on it but never focus on it.

As a student, you know the subject you are not very good at, don’t shy away from it. If you know it’s needed in the course or career you have chosen to study, instead, study it and if you can’t, get a private tutor to teach you.

Don’t just sit back and say, “I don’t know this subject” work on knowing it otherwise, it will always torment you.


This is a very vital part of success in any examination.

Being smart is different from being good in a particular subject or topic.

You must be very smart and fast during and before an examination.

You may want to read more on smartness and speed here.


Orderliness and composure are like twin a student must possess.

You can be very intelligent or rather knowledgeable in a particular subject/field but because you are not composed, you will be prone to mistakes and hereby costing you a lot or time or even your result.

Train yourself to be orderly if you want to pass the next examination and pass well.


Time management is very vital.

When you prepare for an examination that has less time given to it according to your pace, you practice time management before the exam.

When you answer questions or past questions of the particular exam you are preparing for, make sure you work with the time and never compromise while doing that.


When you tell people to invest, they always think of monetary investment which actually isn’t always so.

In this contest of passing an examination, we are concern about investing your time in studying and doing the things above.

Don’t just spend time reading, but read the right materials.

Don’t just spend time reading the right material but study for the examination.


This is one of the most important irrespective of your belief. As an examination candidate, you ought to always pray.

We assure you that if you do and have the above in you, you are sure to be a complete success in your forthcoming examination.

Do try to work with this template given above as it has proven work.


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