How To Succeed As A Part-Time Student

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How To Succeed As A Part-Time Student: Being a part time student has never being easy because it comes with its own ups and downs.

It is very natural to face challenges that will threaten your study life, that will even make you think of giving up. This will know! 

But you see, you really do not have to give up if you know how to succeed as a part time student. 

So, if you have ever wondered how part time student succeed, then continue reading cause we are giving you tips on how to succeed as a part time student.

Let’s read on…

When you decide to take up a part-time programme especially if you have spent some years working or at home, it’s hard harnessing your full potentials.

This for sure has made many students to think that they have a problem with their brain.

Well, if you have been have problems reaching your full academic potential, it’s likely that your brain isn’t the cause but, rather, your lifestyle.

Thinking that your brain has issues when you are not following or performing well academically, is wrong unless being told otherwise by medical professionals.

It’s very unlikely that your brain is not the problem but your lifestyle or your reading style may just be the problem.

But in this article, we want to give you some tips on how you can succeed as a part-time student.

Part-time study can be really daunting and stressful but knowing how to be a successful part-time student before or when you are taking a part-time programme is very important.

Now here are the few tips:


This is where most part-time students get it wrong. It’s very important you inform your family and or employer when you are taking up a part-time programme.

Your family will be your most important support, so involve them and make sure they understand that you will not always have time due to your part-time program.

Keep your employer and colleagues up-to-date about which days you will be attending lectures, and how to make sure work tasks are handled when you are away.


As you start off your part-time programme, you should have an overview of the programme.

Start by reading lecture plans, curriculum lists, and course descriptions. It prepares you for the task ahead.

Make a realistic reading plan that you can always abide by.

Update your study plan with all ‘to-dos’ for the upcoming semester; lectures, study groups, what to read and when, submission deadlines, as well as private and work-related tasks and activities. These are nothing but a starting point.

Also, no matter how stressing your programme may be, you must learn the skill of balancing everything squarely.


Some persons are not just organized at all and this affects their study plan to a large extent.

Be organized. Do not put off reading the curriculum. Don’t learn the habit of postponing study schedules you have made.

Stick to the reading plan, but do not get discouraged if you are unable to keep to it. Just keeping trying as keeping to a great study plan can help you succeed as a part-time student.

The reading plan will then become an excellent tool for getting an overview of what you have not done, and you can distribute the work over multiple days or weeks.

Learning requires you to take the time to reflect on what you are reading, so regular reading sessions are a more effective way to achieve good results than strenuous last-minute efforts.


Repetition is the single most important factor for memory, and we, therefore, recommend that you read the curriculum before the lecture, so that your first repetition will be at the actual lecture.

Make a summary of what you are reading and underline the most important parts of the curriculum directly in the books.

Review lecture notes and work on previous examination papers.

As a part-time student, you also have the advantage of being able to relate the studies to your own work situation.


A well-functioning study group increases motivation and desire to learn.

Find fellow students with the same level of ambition as you and make a realistic schedule for study group sessions.

It is very important that you make a plan for what to discuss at each meeting and that you prepare for every meeting.


Utilizing school resources for setting goals and creating positive study habits tremendously aids in a student’s success.

School resources are abundant and students who take advantage of such resources are much more likely to succeed.

Such resources include the utilization of school libraries, career centers and school centers that provide tutoring and knowledge (for example student writing centers, math centers, etc).


Going to class is one thing but paying attention and participating in class is another. If you listen to the lessons, questions are likely to arise. If they come up in class, ask!

If you’re too shy in a large class, wait and ask the professor after class or during office hours. It’s important to know, however, that if you’ve got a question, it’s likely that other students have the same question as well.

Whatever you do, DO NOT wait until it comes time to study for the exam!

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