The Importance Of Education In Our Society

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The Importance Of Education In Our Society

why is school important

The importance of education is a very interesting topic to discuss based on the misconceptions of the very word, EDUCATION.

It’s true that most people get educated because they were asked to or forced by their parents or guardians to be educated.

There is every reason to get educated if only you know the real importance of education. As the saying goes, “it takes the brain to belong.”

I have seen and heard a lot of persons talk about education and only attribute the purpose of getting an education to financial prosperity. The yields of education aren’t all about financial prosperity even though one needs the education to be rich.

The very idea of getting educated has been faulted by many owing to the fact that some erudite folks in a particular discipline in our society aren’t rich or wealthy. Education is fulfilment.

These drives me to the question, “What is education?” Education has been wrongly presented to lots of persons and this has made, the very purpose and life of education under siege.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, “Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” But I will say, education is the act of learning to live a good life and learning to ensure that everyone around you and in the world at large has the right to live as much as you do.

Education is not a license to be braggadocious or an opportunity to be getting in the nerves of people. Getting an education is a privilege even though it is also one’s right in some region.

There is something so many persons have refused to come to terms with which is very true judging from any standard of assessment, “all wealthy people are educated, but not all educated people are wealthy.” This has and is causing lots of debate

The importance of education cannot be explained in light words, phrase or sentence. The importance of education can be likened to life itself. Without education, it will be hard to even live on earth.

I know so many persons who have argued this that education is not compulsory for everyone and it amazes me that someone would think like that. In fact, education may not be compulsory but it’s very important.

Reasons Why You Should Be Very Educated

The right to education is recognized by the government and the United Nation.

In some regions of the world, education has been made compulsory up to a certain age. This is because they have come to realize the importance of education and expect everyone to get educated.

Human beings are born with some skills, sure, but most are the normal animalistic skills are to help us find food, mate and protect ourselves.

It is our knowledgeable awareness of who we are and our education in the course of our years that sets us apart from other animals.

Education is the bedrock of healthy living. Discovering who you are or living a peaceful healthy life requires education.

Education gives us a mindset of what is right and what is not. We can differentiate right from wrong and we can make choices, hopefully, good ones that will help us become useful to our society.

Just a few days ago, I saw something trending on the internet about school being a scam. Well, this article is not based on such debate but even if a school is truly a scam, education isn’t. And whatever anyone says or how anyone thinks is all based on the person’s level of education.

School may be considered a scam by everyone but the importance of school cannot be overemphasized. A world without schools and colleges, impossible, right? No matter how much we hate waking up early for school or studying all night for those tests and examination, we know that education is very important.

This article is not in any way suggesting that an uneducated man lacks the potential of being successful, but an educated man is supposed to be a success in its particular discipline.

The Vital Reasons Why Most Educated People Are Not Financially Wealthy

Most people in their entire lives are working towards earning money, dreaming to become rich. We have also heard many stories of people taking a hard way to go from rags through riches.

If you ask whether education has always been a factor for a person to become rich, then the answer is YES.

Many have argued that riches has nothing to do with education only cause they define education as something only taught in schools. This isn’t through at all.

Education is not something gotten only from the four walls of the classroom, in fact, the kind of education being delivered in our classrooms today can’t emphatically make you rich.

However, most of us will agree that someone that goes through the four walls of the classroom gets better opportunities in life and it is easier for him to become successful and realize his dreams compared to someone who didn’t.

Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic, it is one of the most important investments a country can make.

It helps people work better and can create opportunities for sustainable and viable economic growth for the future.

Education has also been seen to give people critical skills and tools to help them provide for themselves and their family.

It gives and builds a defined mindset on individuals that encourage good governance stability and helps fight against corruption. Education is the bedrock of healthy living and the kind of education offered in a country builds its national ideology.

16 Main Importance Of Education in Society

There are actually countless of benefits of education. But we have highlighted 16 most relevant benefits of education below:

  • A more fulfilled life
  • Money
  • Equality
  • Turns your dreams into reality
  • Makes you dependent on yourself
  • Keeps you up with the world
  • Health
  • Promotes peace and respect
  • The economic growth of a nation
  • Improves society
  • Makes you confident
  • Respect
  • Saves from being fooled on cheated


Education increases your horizon. This gives you a greater opportunity in fulfilling your potentials and achieving more. If you want to lead a happy life, you certainly need to get educated.

Owning a great company, a great job, a good social reputation needs you to be educated. Without proper education, communication with people or colleagues would be a little challenge.


It is very true that an educated person has more chances of getting a good highing paying job.

Education just gives you good career options. It broadens your mindset and set you in a pedestal of securing or good-paying job or even starting up a company.

Without education, you will be limited. Lots of uneducated people work with their physical strength while an educated person works mentally in a more organized manner giving instructions to the uneducated.


The importance of education to humanity is magnificent. If there has ever been a generation that tries to make all things and humans equal, it has to be the generation where education strives.

Education has become a major pillar of development and progress.

If you want to see the world as a just and fair place where everyone is given equal opportunities, education is what we require.

Education is a must if we want to do away with, the existing differences between different social classes and genders. Education has been the bedrock of the inclusivity of women in today’s government.

It opens a whole world of opportunities for the poor so that they may have an equal shot at well-paying jobs. It also creates confidence in oneself for the pursuit of academic stamina.


Did you know that further education can help you achieve your primary goals in life? By getting an education, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to reach your dreams.

In fact, without the right education, you may never be able to have global dreams. Without education, you are limited even to the kind of goals you have. Education helps you want to achieve great feasible goals.

Some said sportsmen don’t need to be educated. That’s ridiculously assumptions or mint.

Everyone and every occupation need education. It just depends on what or how we believe we become educated.

Believing that education is only gotten from the fours walls of the classrooms is a lack of education in itself.

There are some dreams or occupation that doesn’t need the kind of formal education delivered in our schools.

However, in most cases, your degree which is what you are giving in our schools helps you realize all your dreams.


The importance of education is not limited to self-confidence or dependence. It builds you up mentally.

Education is very important if you want to be a self-dependent person. It molds your mind into believing in yourself against all odds.

You are able to rely on your instincts in making the right decisions. The thought process of being dependent on oneself comes when one is exposed to various forms of knowledge.

Education broadens your thinking, perspectives and in the process frees you from mental limitations.


We live in an ever-changing world where new technologies keep coming up and if you don’t want to be left behind, you must keep up with the world which is moving really fast.

Without education, it will be really difficult for you to adapt to all these changes. An educated person is much more aware of the latest technologies and all the changes that are taking place.

For example, an uneducated person may not know about the benefits of the internet whereas an educated person uses the gift of technology regularly for work as well as for entertainment.

Education has consciously affected every sector of the economy of any nation.


As the saying goes, “health is wealth.” Not being educated may prove to be dangerous when it comes to keeping good health and wellness.

Educated people know better about preventive methods which protect them from a number of diseases unlike the uneducated.

An uneducated person embarks on self-medication or ignores the symptoms at the early stage until it becomes very serious.

Hence education enables you to take better care of yourself as well as your family.


Education majorly affects our understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

This is one of the importance of education. Peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all people.

What is Education? Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” An educated person is well aware of the consequences of wrong/illegal actions and he is less likely to get influenced and do something which is not legally/morally right.

This implies that if you are educated, you are well aware of your rights, the law and your responsibilities which is to love everyone and foster peace among all men in the society.

Hence, education is an important factor which contributes in social harmony and peace.


Education in every sense is one of the fundamental factors of development. The development of every economy owes it to the number of educated persons it has.

It has become the wheel needed for a prosperous economy. You can read more here.

Education raises peoples productivity, creativity and promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances. In addition, it plays a very crucial role in securing economic and social progress and improving income distribution.

For this reason, we can see that education is important and vital for the economic prosperity of a nation.


We all live in a society which has its own set spoken/unspoken rules and one of them is education.

The society we live in today expects us to go followed by college, get a job, settle down etc. In fact, education helps you become a useful member of society.

Education is our a nation passes its ideology to its citizens. Furthermore, it helps you become an active member of society and considered as such.


Education which is mostly represented by university degree has a psychological impact on the individual. It builds the confidence of the holder.

That’s what instincts respect to many. Some persons need it as proof to show you are educated.

If you are educated you have more chances of being heard and taken seriously – Generally, an uneducated man will find it harder to express his views and opinions owing to lack of confidence, even if he does so, people may not express your views and opinions.


Everybody likes a wise and knowledgeable person!

Educated people are considered highly reputation in society.

The more educated you are, the more respect you will get from those around you.


Education saves you from being exploited and fooled.

We live in a world where we are supposed to respect the right of everyone. But the order currently is contrary to that as the uneducated and even some educated persons are currently been fooled.

According to Nelson Mandela, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Martin Luther King, Jnr has this to say, “the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.” Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.

Education is the key to unlock great things in life, in other words, GET EDUCATION.

Lastly, it is important to point out that the importance of education is probably different for different persons. People get educated for different reasons.

Generally, getting educated is important to living a peaceful life.


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