Importance Of Using Jamb Past Questions

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IMPORTANCE OF USING JAMB PAST QUESTIONS: Having the right ingredients is good but not knowing how to apply the ingredients could be disastrous.

I really want to talk about jamb past questions.

You see, enrolling for the Jamb examination is a good thing, but enrolling for jamb every year because you keep failing or getting below the required cut-off mark is not good.

Painfully, most people think it is fashionable to write jamb more than once. Well, it is not.

In fact, I used to be among those people of believe that everyone probably must write jamb more than once before eventually passing it.

But that’s a wrong mindset.

And you can write jamb once with flying colours if you know how to effectively prepare for jamb examination.

The problem with most people writing jamb is not that they are not reading, but not knowing the importance of reading or how to manage time during jamb examination is the problem.

I bet you, if you know the importance of using jamb past questions, you will not have to write jamb next year.

Wait a minute, do you even know that jamb often repeats questions?

One golden reason for using jamb past question papers to practice is the fact that jamb questions are often repeated.

Imagine entering into an exam hall where the very questions in front of you are the questions you have seen, practice and even know the answer. Amazing I think!

Though, I have come across many persons who say they don’t like using jamb past questions.

The truth is if you ever want to do extremely well in your next jamb examination, you have to learn the importance of using jamb past questions.

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Joint Admission and Matriculation Board wouldn’t make their past questions available if it wasn’t important to you.

Not using jamb past questions or studying jamb past questions materials when you are preparing to write jamb examination is like a man going to war to fight an enemy whose ways he hasn’t learned.

There are a few questions that may be coming to your mind right now and I would love to gladly answer your questions:

1. Must I Use Jamb Past Questions

This is a very direct question that I don’t need to mince words on this one. Yes, you must use jamb past questions!

Some time ago we did two articles that I will recommend that you read now: 

You may want to think that you don’t need jamb past questions, but have you asked yourself why you think you don’t need it?

It may just be a problem of a wrong mindset.

Using jamb past questions to prepare for jamb is different from cramming jamb past questions. Cramming jamb past questions instead of studying with it can lead to massive failure, narrow or edge failure.

There is a big difference between cramming jamb past questions and using it prepare. Click here to read the reasons why you shouldn’t cram to write an examination.

Furthermore, in as much as the use of past questions will help you score high in Jamb, It can also make you fail woefully.

2. I Used Jamb Past Questions and Still Failed Jamb Examination

The importance of jamb past questions cannot be overemphasized any day and at any time.

Before we continue, using jamb past questions isn’t a substitute for your textbooks. You don’t use jamb past questions because you want to see the very questions repeated word for word even though it happens most time.

Jamb Past questions can help you remember when you read and help you set your priority straight when it comes to studying for jamb examination.

There are times when you think you are very prepared but using jamb past questions to test yourself can expose your weakness and help you to cover more grounds.

If you can only use jamb past questions, you’ll testify of its goodness.

Things to Know When Using Jamb Past Questions:

i) Use Jamb past questions pack that contain the most recent questions (At least, last two years Questions): Examination bodies often update their database of questions and pattern, and jamb is not excluded. It is a prime factor that when you want to use jamb past questions, try to make use of the most recent past questions.

ii) Get as any Jamb Past Questions as possible: Some persons are in the habit of getting only a few past questions or getting them late. Seriously, the very day you set out that you were going to enroll jamb examination, that’s the day you ought to have gotten jamb past questions and start preparing for the examination. 

There is a big difference between reading and preparing for an examination!

iii) When you use jamb past questions, learn to attempt any question first before consulting the answer: This is also a major challenge as most students tend to be impatient to actually attempt a question and decides to just check for the answers. Don’t be like that!

If you ever have to act that way, try to study it or look for someone who knows it so you can learn however the answer was derived.

iv) Solve as many questions as you can: When you lay hold of past questions, leave no stone unturned. If you can see a question in past questions, then the question can be asked again.

It’s an error thinking that a particular question is too hard to be asked again. Don’t take any question lightly. Ensure to solve as many questions as possible or study all.

v) Make sure you understand what you solved: Ensure to understand properly every attempted question. Don’t just cram past questions, know and learn how it is solved.

Cramming past questions or know fully understanding how a particular question is solved is an error in itself.

Ensure to know how every answer is arrived at.

vi) Solve it again to check if you still remember: Never you fail to repeat the studying of this past question till you become familiar with it.

And never you cram past questions; it is a risk.

vii) Do not skip any question unless you fully understand it: Many persons have had this challenge. When you prepare for an exam, neglecting a particular question because you don’t understand it is an error.

If you have any challenge with a particular question, cry out for help. Try to get justice to the question before you proceed to the examination hall.

viii) Constantly practice and play with past questions: Become engrossed and familiar with the jamb past questions and the tactics of how the questions are asked.

To do this, you have to constantly practice jamb past questions.

ix) Put yourself in the exam condition: After every successful study and practice, ensure you subject yourself to the perfect examination condition to see how well you have prepared.

Don’t forget to measure your progress and even if you don’t or didn’t do well, let it act as a motivation and not an avenue to be depressed.

x) Set similar questions for yourself and begin to solve: When you come across a quite challenging question that you have been able to solve, don’t fail to set similar questions for yourself in such manner to see how well you can think.

Any question you come across that you have successfully answered, there is also another way a question can be coined out of such a question.

Ensure to set possible questions for yourself and answer them!!!

3. When is the Right to Start Using Jamb Past Questions

The right time is now. You have to start using past question now.

It could be that your exam is just a few days away and if that is the case, then the one thing you need more than anything now is past questions.

What you do at this point is a revision and you need past questions to revise.

4. Will Jamb Set The Past Questions

Well, I don’t really know. But the truth is that, over the years, a few questions have been repeated.

When you go through jamb past questions, you will see a few questions that have continually be repeated. This is not to say jamb doesn’t have questions to set or ask, but it is for a reason and you need to take advantage of it.

So it will do you more good to study jamb past questions and be familiar with the way the questions are asked.

5. Can I Read Only Past Questions And Still Pass

Most people confirmed that they have done this and still pass but I don’t recommend it.

I believe everything worth doing is worth doing well. When you prepare for jamb examination, prepare very well by studying the recommended textbooks and using past questions as well.

Finally, with the above guide, nothing would be new to you in the exam hall. Also if you have already written the jamb examination, you can click here to check your jamb 2019 result.

Kindly contact us if you have any questions ask.


If you have any issue or concerns, kindly comment below and it will be attended to ASAP. However, if you want to discuss with an admin on WhatsApp or Telegram, please visit the Contact US Page. Thank you
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