All About Jamb Caps Admission Process

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This is yet one of the most comprehensive articles on the internet on Jamb Caps. In this article, we will completely explain the admission process and how jamb caps operate and explain briefly the intent and purpose of Jamb Caps in details.

Jamb Caps was first introduced back in 2017/2018 session to monitor the admission process of various institutions and ensure a free and fair admission process.

There are so many aspirants and even students out there who don’t know the full purpose of jamb caps and tends to blame jamb for any admission delay or when their courses are changed.

In our world today, it is literally obvious that “a connection is more important than qualification.” This is one reason why the importance of jamb caps cannot be overemphasized in the admission process.

To drive home the above paragraph, you can meet all academic requirement and still not be given admission if your “connection” is not strong enough.

One reason why jamb caps was introduced is to monitor the admission process and ensure that there is transparency in the admission process.

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Nothing hurts more than scoring very high for university admission and be denied admission because of lack of connection. Meanwhile, people with a lesser academic qualification in the same course are given admission.

Now let’s answer some few questions about jamb caps lots of persons have been asking:


Jamb Caps simply stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Central Admission Processing System.

The Board in the discharge of its mandate has developed the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) to automate the admission exercise starting with the 2017 / 2018 Academic Session.

CAPS will, among other benefits:

  • refocus JAMB on its founding ideals as a Clearing House for the Admissions Process
  • ensure operational efficiency
  • promote transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and equity
  • restore the autonomy of the tertiary institutions with respect to admission
  • expand admission opportunities
  • make candidates the Central Focus of the Admission Exercise, and
  • provide credible and easily accessible Data for Research & Planning.

CAPS introduces some innovations to achieve the above objectives, particularly the active participation of candidates in the Admissions Exercise.


Jamb Caps Step 1:

When you were registering for jamb utme, you filled details of the institutions you want to school in and it was registered in jamb database.

Also, immediately your jamb result is out whether you meet your institution cut-off mark or not, your name and result will be forwarded immediately to your preferred institutions which you filled in your jamb form.

This list of students sent to the institution determines the cut-off mark of that particular institution for that year. That is to say, there is no definite cut-off mark as most students believe there is.

Jamb Caps Step 2:

In this step, the school or institution will send their cut-off mark as agreed by the school senate to jamb and also make it public so that aspirants who meet the general cut-off mark will proceed to purchase the post utme form.

Then the sales of post utme form will start for the universities that conduct internal examination for screening purpose.

Jamb Caps Step 3:

The post utme is conducted and the result of various candidates will be sent to jamb.

Jamb receives this list and the aggregate score of all the candidate that sits for the post utme is will be generated.

Depending on the institution and their calculation pattern. For the University of Benin and most other universities, the jamb score is divided by eight and the post utme score is divided by 2. They are then summed up together to get the aggregate.

Jamb keeps this record and waits for the institution to send their admission criteria or cut off marks based on the pass rate of students and the number of students to be given admission that year.

Jamb Caps Step 4:

Jamb receive the admission criteria and then Jamb Caps ranks and suggest candidates that meet the institution’s Admission Criteria as configured on the system by the institution.

This list is then sent to the University Admission Desk Officer who in turn reviews the list of the suggested candidates by jamb.

Also, please note that Jamb Caps does not upload the list of the suggested candidate as they have not been approved by the institution.

With the list of suggested candidates sent to the institution by jamb caps, the institution makes a decision as per which candidates to select for further processing because they list of suggested candidates is always more than the number of candidates that can be admitted by the institution.

Jamb Caps Step 5:

After the Admission Officer of the institution selects the total number of students to be given admission which is termed the proposed students, the list is forwarded to the head of the institution for further review.

Thereafter, the Head of the Institution reviews the list of proposed students and then forwards it to jamb. This list is termed, the list of recommended students.

Jamb Caps Step 6:

This is where the right of students are mostly protected. It is where Jamb ensures that qualified students are given admission and not denied admission.

At this step, JAMB (Admission Officer) reviews the Recommended Candidates to confirm they are from those initially sent to the Institution in Step 4.

These students must have met the Admissions Criteria as advertised in the brochure and as set on JAMB CAPS by the Institution.

When this list has been verified and found that no students who didn’t meet the admission criteria are added to the list and that no qualified candidate has been unjustly denied Admission into the institution, the list is updated on Jamb Caps. 

Please note the no candidate will be considered without the upload of his/her O’Level and/or A’ Level results on jamb portal.

Jamb Caps Step 7:

At this step, the list of students provided with provisional admission is generated.

Students that have been offered provisional admission can go ahead to either accept admission or reject admission when they see that they have been given provisional admission.

Meanwhile, not everyone will know that they have been offered provisional admission so jamb notifies candidates to either accept or reject admission on the JAMB Portal or through USSD or Short Service Code within 72hours.

Jamb Caps Step 8:

In this step, candidates that have accepted Jamb Provisional Admission will be sent to the institutions.

Thereafter, students can go ahead to print their admission letter which they will take to the institution on the day of physical clearance.

Nevertheless, if candidates should reject the admission, he/she will become available in the Market Place for further possible consideration for admission.

Now will have explained the different steps of the admission process and has been able to let you know the real importance of jamb caps on the admission process.

We do hope that now, you have fully understood why jamb caps is so important in the admission process especially for candidates who don’t have the needed “connection” and without the interference of Jamb Caps, some of us wouldn’t have been able to get into the university of our choice even if we meet the Admission Criteria.

For more details on Jamb Caps from jamb official site, click here.


This has been one of the most common questions students and aspirants have always asked.

Though, we are often not clear the direction of the question because we don’t know if the question meant to ask if jamb caps has started giving admission or if jamb caps is still giving admission(in charge of admission process).

Nevertheless, we will answer both questions for you.

Jamb Caps was set up to regulate the admission process and it is still doing that. We have carefully explained how jamb caps operate below for your full understanding of how it works.

Now, if jamb caps has started giving admission for a particular year is the question, we would you click here to check it out.


Yes. Jamb caps is very compulsory in any admission process to Nigeria Universities as it was introduced to automate the admission process.

Please just know that you need an admission letter from jamb during your physical and even online clearance and if jamb caps doesn’t offer you admission, there is no way you will have admission letter and thus, no way you can be cleared.

The importance of jamb caps in the admission process cannot be overemphasized.


You need not worry yourself about when jamb caps will start to offer admission as you will be notified.

As part of the admission process, Jamb Caps will notify you when they start to offer admission so you can idea confirm the admission or reject the admission.


It depends on what this question really meant. But we will try to answer the question in two folds as we probably understand it.

Firstly, jamb caps is not closed or scrapped. Jamb caps, ever since it was introduced has really helped in the admission process into Nigeria universities and really has no negative remarks.

You can check below the way jamb caps operate to understand the admission process and the involvement of jamb caps in the admission process in Nigeria.

Secondly, if the question meant if jamb caps has stopped offering admission for the year, I would recommend you be patient a little as such will also be communicated to you by jamb caps.


It is simply about automating the admission process into Nigeria universities. You may also check out what is Jamb Caps System? to know more about jamb caps system.

From the explanation above, you will agree with me that Jamb Caps is a great innovation that has really helped to regulate the admission process.

Also when an aspirant doesn’t get to be offered admission by jamb caps, such an aspirant is supposed to be concern greatly because it is jamb caps that regulates the admission process.

Nevertheless, jamb caps doesn’t just offer admission out of the blue sky, it offers based on the criteria set by your preferred institution.


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