List Of Courses Offered In Uniben Part-time

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UNIBEN PART-TIME COURSES-There has been several misconceptions about UNIBEN part-time courses as regards to UNIBEN full-time courses.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the Part-Time Courses Offered in Uniben so as to clear this misconception.

There are a lot of courses offered in part-time but they are not commensurate with the number of courses offered in the full-time programme in Uniben.

A course like medicine or any engineering course is not accredited to be run in part-time by NUC. You can check the guide here.


  • A. English and Literature
  • A. (International Studies and Diplomacy);
  • A. (Mass Communication);
  • A. (Ed) (Adult Education);
  • A. (Ed) (Adult Education, English & Literature);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education, Economics andStatistics);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education, Political Science);
  • A. (Ed) (History);
  • A. (Ed) (French);
  • A. (Ed) (Fine Arts);
  • A. (Ed) (Edo Language);
  • A. (Ed) (Religious Studies);
  • A. (Ed) (Eng. & Literature);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Biology);
  • Sc (Ed) (Chemistry);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Computer Science);
  • Sc (Ed) (Integrated Science);
  • Sc (Ed) (Mathematics);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Physics);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Social Studies);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Human Kinetics);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Health Education);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Environmental Education);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Economics & Statistics);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Geography & Regional Planning);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Political Science);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Educational Management);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Library and Information Science);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Childhood and Primary Education)
  • Sc. (Ed) (Agricultural Education);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Business Education with options in Accounting Education and Office Technology and Management);
  • Sc. (Ed) (Home Economics Education);
  • Sc (Ed) (Industrial and Technical Education with options in Automobile, Electrical/Electronics, Building/Woodwork and Metal Work Technology);
  • Sc. (Accounting);
  • Sc. (Banking and Finance);
  • Sc. (Industrial Physics);
  • Sc. (Computer Science);
  • B.Sc.  (Statistics)
  • Sc. (Public Administration);
  • Sc. (Social Work);
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) Conversion

That’s the current updated part-time courses currently accredited for Uniben to run by NUC.

Note: We’ll frequently update this list as soon as more courses are accredited.

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