Uniben Physical Clearance Date 2020 | UNIBEN Online & Physical Clearance 2020

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Uniben Physical Clearance Date 2020 | UNIBEN Online & Physical Clearance 2020

After you have successfully been offered admission into UNIBEN and paid your acceptance fee, it is important to know your Uniben physical clearance date.

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uniben physical clearance date

UNIBEN Clearance Procedure 2020 | UNIBEN Online & Physical Clearance 2020

This is to inform all the UTME and Direct Entry candidates offered provisional admission into the University of Benin (UNIBEN) various undergraduate programmes for the 2019/2020 academic session that the management of the institution has released the clearance procedure they have to follow.

UNIBEN Clearance Schedule – UTME and DE

  1. The UTME and Direct Entry Candidates admitted into University of Benin for 2019/2020 academic session are required to login at https://www.uniben.edu, click waeup portal with the PUTME/PUDE username and password used for their application and result checking.
  1. Click on “Download application slip”. Print it and take note of your ID and You will henceforth, use your ID and Password for subsequent login. Login and print your provisional admission letter.
  2. Only candidates with THE RIGHT PASSPORT SIZE (1-inch X 1-inch) WITH RED BACKGROUND PHOTOGRAPH USED FOR PUTME & PUDE ALREADY EMBEDDED IN their DOCUMENTS AND WITH requisite results to clear should proceed to pay THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF non-refundable acceptance fee ITEMIZED BELOW.
1BANK/POSTAL CHARGES5,000.005,000.00
2ADMISSION CLEARANCE30,000.0030,000.00
3ICT LEVY6,000.006,000.00
4MAINTENANCE FEE15,000.0015,000.00
5MTN NET LIBRARY4,000.004,000.00

Schools/Departments under College of Medical Sciences:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Anatomy
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Nursing Science
  • Physiology
  • Physiotherapy
  1. Optional: You can change your password by clicking “change password” button and you can also change your e-mail and phone number by using “Edit” button.
  1. On the Menu, click on “My data” select “Payment” option then click on “Add online payment ticket”
  1. Select from the Payment Category, Acceptance Fee and click on “Create Ticket” button and then click the link under Payment ID.
  1. Click on the “College Pay” button to view payment details and click the “Submit” button to proceed with the payment through Interswitch payment gateway.
  1. Select your ATM Card type: Verve or Master Card and supply the card details (card number, expiration date, 4-digit PIN, etc) as required.
  2. Then click on “PAY”
  3. If payment is successful, an acceptance slip will appear on the screen. Copy the “Clearance Activation Code” on the acceptance payment slip.
  4. Click on “My Data” on the menu and select “Clearance data” Enter your “Clearance Activation Code”to open your Clearance/Eligibility form.
  5. Fill the Clearance/Eligibility Form appropriately. Scan and upload the following documents:
  • “O’ level Certificates and Statements of ‘O’ level results from the schools
  • Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Guarantor’s Letter
  • Affidavit of Good Conduct
  • Affidavit of Non-Membership of Secret Cults
  • JAMB & UNIBEN offer of Provisional Admission slips

(Please note that affidavits sworn in any Court of Law in Nigeria are acceptable) Payment of acceptance fee commences immediately admission lists starts showing in kofa page

  1. At the bottom of the Clearance/Eligibility Form, click on the “Save”button to return later and complete the form OR click on “Save and request clearance” button to finally submit your Clearance/Eligibility Form when you are done. You cannot edit the Clearance /Eligibility Form after final submission.
  1. Click on “Download clearance slip” button and print your Clearance/Eligibility slip. Present it with online payment receipt, six (6) copies each of the listed items a to g in item 12, including six coloured passportphotographs with red background and WAEC/NECO Scratch Card for checking results online to the clearance officers. The original credentials are for sighting during the physical clearance.
  1. Physical clearance commences soon. Please refreshing this page for updates.
  1. Limited accommodations are available for Fresh candidates.
  1. Prohibition of Financial Transactions at Clearance Venue: There shall be no financial transactions in whatever form at the Main Auditorium Clearance Venue. Consequently, sales of Faculty Prospectus, Collection of dues, levies and other forms of Payment and Purchases are strictly prohibited. The release of completed and signed Clearance/eligibility form to student should not be tied to any other payment other than the fund paid for clearance.

Uniben Online Clearance Process/Procedures

Once the university opens the student on-line clearance portal, kindly follow the guidelines below for a successful on-line clearance:

  • Login to your kofa page profile using your student ID and password.
  • Copy the “Clearance Activation Code” on your acceptance payment slip.
  • Click on “My Data” on the menu and select “Clearance data” option.
  • Enter your “Clearance Activation Code” to open your Clearance/Eligibility form.
  • Fill the Clearance/Eligibility Form appropriately and correctly.
  • Upload the required documents.

Required Uniben Clearance Documents and their Meaning

All required documents must be a clear scanned version of their original.

1. Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age (affidavits):

This refers to the certificate issued to the parents of candidate by a registered Doctor at the time of birth. But due to one or two reasons, most people may have lost possession of this certificate either by accident or by indirect damage.

Therefore such people are allowed to submit an affidavit of age declaration sworn in any Court of Law in Nigeria.

2. SSCE Certificates or statements of the result:

This could either be the result obtained in the National examination council (NECO) or the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

All candidates are required to upload a clearly scanned copy of any of the above examination result.

Only aspirant who sat for the recent SSCE examination will be allowed to submit their Statement of Result from the School they sat for the examination.

If you are using two (2) results (which is allowed for only some departments) ensure you upload them respectively by exam year.

3.  Jamb Admission Letter

All candidates are required to obtain their Jamb admission letter  which contains the passport photograph of the candidate.

How to obtain your JAMB admission letter

  • Login to your jamb profile
  • Select “Print Admission Letter” (This is available on the sidebar or on the Home page)
  • A Transaction ID will be generated for this service on a confirmation page screen.
  • Crosscheck the displayed details on the Confirmation Page.
  • Note that the Transaction ID is displayed in a “bold red font”.
  • The Transaction ID is considered very useful in case of future references concerning the Transaction.
  • So therefore a copy of this transaction ID will be sent to your registered email address.
  • Click on the Continue button if you wish to pay with your card immediately. If you wish to use other payment channels like ATM, Cash at the Bank or Quickteller, please note the transaction ID as it will be required.
  • On the Interswitch Payment page, enter your card details and click on the Pay button.
  • The status of your payment will be displayed on the “My Payment Section” An SMS and email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to you after payment.
  • Click on the Continue button.

Once payment is completed, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Examination year
  • JAMB registration number

After entering the correct information, you can now proceed to print the Admission Letter.  follow this link to begin

4. Acceptance letter

This is a formal letter that indicates that you accept the provincial admission given to you by the university. It must be well-typed. See sample of Uniben Acceptance letter below

Note that your handwritten signature must appear on this letter, therefore the letter has to be typed, signed by you and scanned before uploading. For a clearer sample/ more details request on the comment session.

5. Guarantor’s letter

A guarantor simply means a person who gives a guarantee. That is to say, a guarantor is simply a person who assumes the responsibility of whomever he/she decides.

This letter must be duly signed by whosoever that have decided to take full responsibility for you and whatever expenses that may arise as a student (upkeep). See a sample of guarantor’s letter below:

Note that the handwritten signature of the guarantor must appear on this letter, therefore the letter has to be typed, signed and scanned before uploading. For a clearer sample/ more details request on the comment session.

6. Affidavit of good conduct

This indicates that you will exhibit good conduct and morals in the school premises and it will be used against you when you behave contrarily which can cost you your admission.

It must be duly signed and stamped at any high court of justice in Nigeria.

Note that your handwritten signature and that of the court representative must appear on this letter, therefore the letter has to be typed, signed and scanned before uploading. For a clearer sample or for more details request on the comment session.

7. Affidavit of non-membership of secret cults

This letter is used to indicate that you are not a member of any secret cult and can be used against you in the court of law when proven otherwise, which will definitely terminate your admission.

This is because the University of Benin has zero-tolerance for cultism.

Note that your handwritten signature and that of the court representative must appear on this letter, therefore the letter has to be typed, signed and scanned before uploading. For a clearer sample or for more details request on the comment session.

8. Uniben provisional admission letter

This is the admission letter given to you by the school, and it contains the department you are admitted into.

  • Login to your kofa page with your student id and password.
  • Click on the menu button and click on admission letter to print your provisional admission letter.
  1. Local Government Area of origin certificate

This certificate is issued by local government councils of your home town. It can only be gotten from your state of origin local government Secretariat.

Ensure you indicate that it is going to be used for school purpose to reduce the cost.It will be typed and printed for you after you’ve been asked some few questions like; the name of your father’s home town, etc.

Finally, ensure you go along with passport photography, that will be clipped and stamped on it.

Note that if you do not have the complete details or documents you can save your form by clicking the “save” button at the bottom of the clearance form page and get back to it when all requirements are complete.

Ensure you don’t make the mistake of clicking the “save and request button” when you are not done with the application. This is because after Final submission, you cannot edit the clearance/eligibility form anymore.

Uniben Physical Clearance Process/procedures

After your online clearance process, the university will take some few days break (which I believe won’t be much due to the school calendar) before starting the physical clearance process.

An invitation letter will be given to you on your school profile. This letter indicates the exact date you are to come for your physical clearance and failure to make it on that day might result to a lot of issue.

So, therefore, ensure you check your school profile regularly for your physical clearance invitation letter.

Required documents for Uniben Physical Clearance

Ensure you Arrange all the original copies of the documents listed below in an office file, Get enough red background Passports (1″x1″) at least 30 – 40 copies. Don’t be scared you will definitely exhaust them before the end of the session.

You are strongly advised to take at least 10 photocopies of each of your original documents, Arrange the photocopied documents in an office file as well (i.e. 1 of each document should be arranged together in a file)

and have at least 10 copies of that file (with the arranged documents), Each of the files must have a passport attached to it.

The file containing all original documents will collected from you by the clearance officer for inspection and later returned back to you.

And a file containing the photocopy of the same set of document will be submitted to the clearance officer and will not be returned.

Below is the list of all required documents for Uniben Physical Clearance

  • SSCE (WAEC or  NECO) result and a new scratch card ( 1 card for one sitting result and 2 cards for two sitting results) For confirmation of result.
  • Original Jamb admission letter
  • Original Jamb result
  • Birth certificate or age declaration
  • Local government of origin cert
  • Affidavit of good conduct
  • Affidavit of non-membership of secret Cult.
  • Guarantor’s letter
  • Acceptance letter
  • SSCE (WAEC or NECO) certificate or statement of result.

Ensure you keep the remaining photocopies of documents as you will also be needing them for other clearance processes (departmental clearance, faulty clearance, hostel clearance, and others).

“UNIBEN Clearance Procedure 2019/2020 | UNIBEN Online & Physical Clearance 2020″.

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If you have any issue or concerns, kindly comment below and it will be attended to ASAP. However, if you want to discuss with an admin on WhatsApp or Telegram, please visit the Contact US Page. Thank you

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