Uniben Physical Clearance Documents

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Uniben Physical Clearance Documents

We have received lots of messages from aspirants who want to know the required documents needed for Uniben Physical Clearance and the order with which it should be arranged.

Uniben can be very strict with the clearance process and end up stressing you if your documents are not complete or not properly arranged before you get to your clearance officer.

In some cases, some persons are not cleared and they even lost their admission. But this happens in a real severe case which I have explained in “the reason why Uniben didn’t clear a student” and withdrew his admission.

We have brought samples of the Uniben Physical Clearance Documents as used by a student in 2014/2015 academic session so you can use it to get your documents ready before your clearance date.

Documents Uniben Physical Clearance


Uniben Acceptance LetterThis is the letter you will sign and submit to Uniben acknowledging your acceptance of the Uniben Admission given to you. Without this particular document, you won’t be cleared because it means you have not accepted the admission given to you.

You can click and download the acceptance letter attached here for your perusal.




birth_certificateThis is your birth certificate showing your age that must tally with the age on your other documents too. If there are any discrepancies in the ages in the documents, you will not be cleared and asked to fill correction form.

The documents being talked about includes your Jamb result, etc

Nonetheless, if you don’t have a birth certificate for any reason, you can do age declaration in court as you can see on this post. Age declaration is also accepted by Uniben.


statement of result waecThis is the certificate of either your WAEC/NECO or both if you are using two sittings.

If it is up to two years or more you wrote your SSCE, you are expected to have a certificate which you will be accessed with. Otherwise, you won’t be cleared.

 If it is not up to two years or more you wrote your WAEC/NECO, you probably don’t have the certificate so you can come with either a printout or statement of result which you will be accessed with.


jamb_letterThis is Jamb admission letter for the institution. So many persons have made the mistake of uploading and coming with the Jamb Admission Letter meant for a candidate.

If you come with the Jamb Admission Letter meant for a candidate, you won’t be cleared.

Also, if you upload that during your online clearance, you won’t be cleared.


lga_identThis is a local government of origin certificate. You have to get your Local Government Certificate ready before you can come for physical clearance.

If you don’t have this ready, you won’t be cleared. Also, if there are discrepancies of the local government of origin in your other documents with the certificate, you won’t be cleared.

If you are not cleared, you will be given a correction form to fill and make amends. 


ref_letThis is the letter written by your daddy, mummy or anyone who chooses to stand as a guarantor for you.

If no one stands as a guarantor for you, you won’t be cleared.

Ensure to get this ready before you come for physical clearance and this same guarantor’s letter should be the same with what you uploaded during your online clearance.


res_statThis is your Jamb result. You should bring your Jamb result when you come for physical clearance.

The Jamb result you should come with shouldn’t be different from what you uploaded during your Uniben online clearance.




secr_cultsThis is one Oat you have to swear in court. Uniben doesn’t support cultism in school.

When you are given admission into Uniben, you have to prove that you are not a member of any secret cult.

So it is very mandatory that you come to school with a declaration of non-membership of secret cult.



stat_dec (1)This is an affidavit of good conduct you have to come with as well. You have to come with this or you won’t be cleared.

Apart from being a cultist that Uniben doesn’t support, it doesn’t support misconduct.

So you have to swear the affidavit of good conduct before you can be cleared.

Ensure you do this and get it stamped and signed before you come for your physical clearance.

Don’t forget the passports photographs you are to come with and also the 2 scratch cards that may be demanded.


The order of arrangement of your documents is very important when going for your physical clearance because if your documents are not well arranged in the desired order, you may be asked to go out for the next person to come in to be cleared.

Your clearance officer won’t be patient enough to help you do the arrangement. So to avoid stories that touch the heart, just emsure you arrange your documents in the right order.

  • Birth certificate
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Local government of origin
  • WAEC/NECO result
  • Guarantor’s letter
  • Affidavit of good conduct
  • Affidavit of non-membership of secret cult
  • Jamb admission letter
  • Jamb result
  • Clearance slip
  • Uniben admission letter
  • Online payment slip

That’s the order with which you should arrange your documents when you come for physical clearance.

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