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Why Is It Important To Go To Shool.

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There have been a lot of arguments about “why is it important to go to school?” to the extent that so many persons believe school is a waste of time.

If you have ever asked yourself the very same question about school, you are just about to be informed on the importance of school.

According to the dictionary, school is defined as “an institution for instruction in a particular skill or field.”

So many persons have lost their hope in school because of what they think school is.

The reason why is important to go to school cannot be judged by just a few limited thesis.

If you believe that when you go to school, you are entitled to be rich financially, going to school will frustrate you. School is an institution to gain knowledge, not an institution to make wealth or money.

There is no course in the United State or even Nigeria that is taught in colleges about how to make money. School doesn’t teach this.

Going to a school was never a guarantee for financial prosperity. The thinking that going to school is the way to financial prosperity will only bring pain and frustration.

A school is for enlightenment and for the structuring of purpose.

One of the major importance of school is to gain knowledge. Though, as a human, we learn every day and can probably be schooled without going to the four walls of the classroom.

This brings us to the argument that one doesn’t need to go to school to be educated as many have often said. Well, it’s very true that knowledge or education can be gotten from anywhere outside the four walls of the classroom. 

In your locality or environment there is this one dude who didn’t go to school or get the kind of education some persons get, yet, they are richer financially.

This, in fact, can get anyone frustrated with the schooling system and say, school is a waste of time. I have come across graduates that went to school and even graduated with a first class but after looking for a job without getting any, they joined in the campaign that school is not important.

Before we proceed further, here are just a few reasons why is it important to go to school:
  • School increases your audaciousness.
  • It gives leverage.
  • School teaches you life experience.
  • It presents you with so many opportunities and the ability to specialize.
  • Some Jobs are reserved for the schooled.
  • School boosts your self-image in front of people.
  • It gives that opportunity to learn other people and how to live in peace with other people.
  • School broadens your horizons.
  • It saves you from being fooled/cheated.
  • School educates, which gives better security etc

A lot of people are in the habit of castigating the importance of school because they narrow it to financial prosperity alone.

School may not bring financial prosperity but it educates you on life matters which when properly applied, brings financial prosperity.

There are many reasons why is important to go to school, it just depends on your thinking. For instance,

1) A Baker

A baker needs to go to school because there are some chemicals you don’t mix together.

In school, depends on your field or specialty, you get to be taught about some chemicals you should never mix together and the quantity with which you should mix some.

But someone that didn’t go to school, will never know the dangers of mixing some chemicals together.

So a baker needs to go to school for proper polishing or knowledge of chemicals to be able to deliver efficiently.


A teacher needs to go to school because you cannot teach what you have not been taught or what you don’t know.

As a teacher, you need to have been taught before you can teach.

Imagine someone who has never been to school asked to teach Chemistry or English language, how will such a person do it?

A teacher needs to go to school to be a teacher


A doctor needs to school because not everything called medicine is medication.

It’s total insanity for someone to be called a doctor, own or work in a hospital without going to school to study medicine.

In school, we or have the opportunity to specialize.

A school doesn’t give room to be a jack or all train therefore, creating a healthy society for ourselves.


How can someone be a lawyer without knowing the law?

A lawyer needs to go to school because arguing without bases is pointless and not profound.

There are titles or names reserved for people that went to school. To even be called a lawyer, you have to go to school and study law and go to law school, etc


A president needs to go to school because they have to be enlightened on life issues that will teach them how to govern.

To even rule or be given a position where you have to manage people, it’s not enough to have a good heart. But you have to be educated on that subject or office.

Every political position or leadership position you may want to hold today, there is a minimum requirement of education that is demanded by people that went to school.

No nation will want to have you as a leader or president if you didn’t go to school.


A policeman needs to go to school because you if you don’t know the law you can’t implement it.

In fact, the importance of police going to school cannot be overemphasized. Police that is not educated can arrest you for looking beautiful.

School is so important for the police.


A carpenter and a marketer need school for interaction and calculation.

There is a big visual difference between a carpenter or marketer that went to school and the ones that didn’t.

Don’t be left by the fence. Don’t be the one that didn’t go to school just because someone you know graduated and didn’t get a job.

The world is controlled by the people that went to school. The people that went to school are the ones controlling the affairs of the state and the world and you don’t need to be left out.

When you go to school, you have a voice that must be heard. Just like the saying, education is more powerful than guns.

Everyone needs education both formal and informal. The importance of school is endless in this lifetime.

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  1. Efe says:

    An ever insightful posts. One thing i have noticed is that many persons go to schools mostly higher institutions just to follow/keep the trend. They see it as the next stage of some thing that must be done once they’re born into a family. Most even go with the expectation of getting the certificate so they could get a job to take care of a family and raise kids who they expect to continue the trend..but school is not about bookwork, it’s a lot more and as such it’s advisable to garner all survivable skills possible from school.. Great post sir!

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