Why you should consider part-time study.

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Why would anyone consider part-time study over full-time study? Part-time study becomes ever more popular as people try to juggle earning with learning.

Whether you’re picking up a professional qualification, or progressing with your academic study, part-time study offers a viable alternative for those who can’t commit to “full-time postgraduate courses.”

Though on any account, part-time study also has it’s on disadvantages. It very important you read through the disadvantages of part-time study before taking up any part-time study.

Essentially, the part-time study involves spreading a full-time programme over a longer period of time.

It’s usually tailored for those who want to continue working while studying and usually involves weekend studies.

“Some universities have taken it a step further and are offering some postgraduate courses through distance learning and e-learning, where the student rarely has to attend the university; receiving tuition, teaching and learning resources via the internet instead.”


Part-time study depends largely on the career you have chosen to pursue and how you wish to excel in your given career.

Before I start off to give the very few reasons why you should consider a part-time study, let me quickly tell you what two different graduates told me.

A graduate from a department in the faculty of engineering and also a graduate from a department in the faculty of Arts.

The graduate from engineering was a full-time student. He has been a graduate for a few years now and has been having a problem securing a befitting job because employers keep saying he has no job experience.

How is he supposed to have any job experience when he has never worked?

Well, if you ask me, I think employers are just looking for ways to streamline the employment criteria.

So I asked him what he regretted the most, he said, “I regret taking up full-time study.” I needn’t ask why because I already knew.

Meanwhile, the other guy from Arts said he never regretted taking up part-time study over full time. Also, I needn’t ask why because I already knew. 

Now let’s see the reasons why you should consider taking up part-time study over full time.


In an interview with a lady, when she was asked this very question, she said, “the only valid excuse for anyone to think of part-time study is when the person is working or rather earning cash.” She further said, if it is attaining skill, that can wait till after full-time study.

How true is what she has said? Drop your comment below.

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In a dynamic world like ours, to stay relevant, you need self-development. It could be in the area of improving your skills or obtaining a degree while you are working, it’s a part-time study that gives room for this.

Employers are looking for a skilled and educated workforce. They also admire determined, goal-oriented people who know what they want and are motivated to get it.

If you are working while trying to earn a qualification, your employer may even offer you a more flexible work schedule to accommodate your studying.

And if you are working in a field that is related to your studies, you will be able to gain relevant on-the-job experience while you are studying towards your qualification.

Without higher degree most times, you may never get promotion in your workplace but through part-time study, you have the opportunity to get the necessary degree needed for your promotion.

So many persons choose part-time study only because to do well in a world like ours, you need a constant upgrade even in your degree. This is one reason while school is important in today’s world and why you should go to school.

Who should consider part-time study? Well, categorically speaking, it’s someone with a definite goal and purpose.

Part-time study isn’t an avenue to study just any course, it’s an avenue to study the desired course that befits one’s career. You can look up the article, how to choose a course to study.


Time management is a very important virtue that everyone should have.

When you take up part-time study, you have to develop your time management skill to be able to do well. Because Part-time study is for matured minds and responsible people who have definite goals, time management becomes a very important skill one learns.

Time management can be so strict most times that you will have to even plan relaxation and fun time, which is equally important to avoid burning out.

While having a job and studying part-time may be challenging, it also teaches you a valuable skill for both your career and your studies.

Learning how to effectively manage your time improves your quality of work, helps you learn to handle multiple tasks, and teaches you to prioritise.

These are all important aspects of being a good employee and student.


You may be working in a place you actually don’t like the work ethics. It may even mean that you don’t like your career in general, taking up a part-time study can be of great importance to changing your career.

There are many reasons for a career change. You could be working in a place you don’t like just because you are interested in the pay.

You may be poised to take up new responsibilities or take up lesser responsibilities, according to your desire. A part-time study gives the opportunity to do this successfully.


Truth be told, most of the things we learn in school are all on paper. We are never really exposed to real-life experience but always subject to theory.

In the real world, this doesn’t help. But taking up Part-time study gives the opportunity to face real life instead of building your capacity on wishful thinkings.

You gain real-life experience while you study.

Finally, there are several benefits of taking up part-time study which is peculiar to anyone taking up part-time study. But why you should consider taking up part-time is strictly dependent on you.

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