Why you should stay off campus

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As a student at the university, have you considered “why you should stay off campus?” There are a lot of persons who think to stay in the school hostel is better than staying off campus, but have you considered reasons, “why you should stay off campus?”

It’s not right to only think about the disadvantages of staying off campus which is mostly security, without considering its advantages. Disadvantages of staying off campus are no match to its advantages if you really want to prepare for the outside world.

In fact, staying off campus has a lot more advantages that enhance your quick maturity into the real world than staying in the school hostel.


Lets quickly consider some reasons why you should consider staying off campus at least, from your second year:


In a changing world, where there is a high level of inconsistency in things that matter, you start to think of how to make a difference at some points in the university.

Some persons start thinking of how to learn a skill or sources of making money after spending some years in the university or even about to leave the school system.

At this point, all you need is alone time. This is because you can’t think properly or in this direction in the school hostel. In the school hostel, the number of students in your hostel room and the noise they make, ampers your ability to reason.

It scares more to think about the labour market and the responsibility waiting for you will you finally graduate from the university.

This is why getting your own alone time cannot be overemphasized. You don’t get the opportunity to think or reason in this direction when you stay in the school hostel.

When you start having great ideas and plans for doing something, you don’t need to stay in the school hostel anymore.

There are some things you can’t buy or make use of when you stay in the school hostel. Imagine you are into beat production, you can’t make or do this in the school hostel.

In making ways, schools hostel doesn’t give you alone time.

Well, as a student, you really don’t have to bother of having your own alone time if you don’t think in this direction or related direction.


Living off-campus can truly be liberating. There is basically no one to tell you how you can act or what time you should be at your hostel as compared to staying in the school hostel.

This is a major reason why you should stay off-campus. If you want to sleep with the light turned off, no one will turn in on at night.

When you want to do whatever pleases you, you don’t have to worry about your roommates at all. You don’t have to worry about the immature or the over-matured roommates you have.

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In your course of study, I don’t think there is any class called “Adult 211” or “Adult 222,” it’s just a way of life that you will learn on your own.

Be faced with the reality of the real world after school is definitely a scary thought, but what if you could ease into it during your university days?

Living off-campus, whether it’s in an apartment or a house, with roommates or by yourself, allows you to practice independence while you prepare for your career.

Even if your parents or relatives checks on you to make sure your needs are met which is very unlikely for some students, but you are still on your own.

You’ll be responsible for paying bills, buying groceries, and keeping your room clean. This is one thing I personally have noticed, it’s hard for some persons to face the new reality of handling responsibility.

It’s so hard for some persons to grow up to maturity in the school hostel. Instead of most of them to buy what they need even when they have the money to, they borrow.

When you stay off-campus, you man up to responsibility and get everything you need. At some point, you realise that whatever you don’t get done in your room, will never be done.

New responsibility is something that most students in the university don’t want, but its a reality to wake up to. There are things you shouldn’t leave the university without having.

Living off campus basically gives you a gentle push into adulthood.


Sharing toilets or bathroom with a lot of persons you don’t know their medical stand could be really dangerous especially for a girl. This is one of the disadvantages of staying in the school hostel. Students get easily infected.

So many students get infected through such sharing. When you stay off campus, you have your own privacy, your own toilet and bathroom.

Also, when you live in a school hostel, you’re likely to be a foot away from your roommates. Yes, you will make lifelong friends which is one of the advantages of staying in school hostel but you can also get sick.

Communal living puts you in close contact with so many people, and that’s how some diseases spread. You can be in a school hostel where some 

Living off-campus helps to keep you healthy and smart looking.

You might have a few roommates when you stay off-campus, but at least you won’t be cramped into a series of small rooms where germs can spread faster.

When influenza season hits, you can treat yourself and stay away from your apartment, meanwhile, you can thoroughly clean your living space, too, as an extra precaution.

The decision to live off-campus might be best for your body if you get sick easily or you are asthmatic.


Honestly, the rate at which some persons make you us other people’s things with little or no maintainers plan is alarming.

The life span of your things is drastically reduced because of the high level of misuse in the school hostel.

But when you stay off-campus, you take good care of your things because they cost you. You will know how to manage and maintain your things without considering misuse by hostelers.

Even theft, you won’t have to care about stealing of your valuables and as the case may be in the school hostel.

Most students steal a lot in the school hostel.


When you live in the school hostel, there is virtually nothing you will do that you won’t put your roommates into considerations.

You can’t even cook or eat good food without putting your roommates into consideration otherwise, you won’t have peace of mind.

When you stay off-campus, you get to eat what you want because you can always cook what you want and can.

Finally, I will still recommend that it is important for a fresher to stay in the school hostel at least in 100L. Benefits of staying on campus as a fresher cannot be undermined. Nevertheless. you are at will to stay where you think is best for you.

Also, as old students, if you don’t have enough reason to stay off-campus, I would advise you look at point one and two again.

Thanks for reading.

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