Why Your Articles May Be Rejected For ‘Poorly Written’ Headline

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Why Your Articles May Be Rejected For ‘Poorly Written’ Headline

Opera news hub

In Opera News Hub, if you do not write a proper headline, your article will be rejected. This has happened to a lot of content creators and some are even frustrated with Opera.

So in this article, I will be showing you reasons why your articles are being rejected for poorly written headlines.

Thus, after reading this article, your contents should never be rejected for a poorly written headline.

However, as you already know, Opera News Hub rejects articles for several reasons other than headlines.

That’s why I did the article, why your articles may be rejected for poorly edited content. It clearly explains everything about the content format in Opera News Hub.

And if you read through that article as you will do with this one, you probably won’t have any issue with poorly edited contents anymore.

Also, if you want to know the criteria Opera uses to review all articles before they are published or rejected, kindly read the easy guide on opera news hub review criteria.

You may also want to know how Opera calculate your monthly revenue. I have carefully explained all the factors you need to look out for in that article.

However, I have discovered most content creators on the opera new hub are complaining about their articles not getting enough reach. Because there is one thing to have your articles published and there is another to make it reach the expected audience.

This is why I have carefully listed the reasons why your opera news hub impressions are low or high. If you read the article carefully, you will never have issues of low reach anymore.

At least, it will help you filter your articles properly before you click that publish button.

Why Are My Articles Rejected For ‘Poorly Written’ Headline On Opera News Hub

Firstly, if you are having issues coming up with engaging contents, we did an article, how to write engaging contents on Opera News Hub.

You should check it out because it will really teach you how to write contents that will have more reach and clicks. 

There are a couple of reasons why your articles are rejected for poorly written headlines.

In this session, I will explained all of them.

  • The Title Is Misspelt:

If you are writing on Opera News Hub, you have to be careful with your title. Misspelt words in the title (including a person’s name) will be rejected.

Lowercase names, place names or proper nouns

trump, lagos, starbucks

Lowercase first letter

how to cook Jollof rice

Use special symbols to separate letters in words

10 animals that despite having male and female sexes, engage in H.o.m.o.$.e.x.u.a.l behavior.

  • Insulting words in the title

Idiot, foolish, stupid, bastard, empty head

  • Grammatical errors in the title

Be careful not to make grammatical errors in the title because your article will be rejected.

  • The singular and plural of the noun are wrong

This is just a normal English language. There are some irregular nouns that don’t follow the rules of concord. For instance, “Economics“. Your article will be rejected if you say “Economics are” in your headline.

This is so because Economics isn’t plural.

  • The singular and plural verbs or tenses are wrong

Same thing as above. You need to use the right verbs and in the right tenses as well. Otherwise, you article will be rejected.

  • When special symbols appear in the title

You don’t use special symbols when writing you headliner, otherwise, your article will be rejected for poorly written headline.

√,©,^ ,ü ,± ,· *

  • Incomprehensible Headline

The title is incomplete or confusing which makes it hard for readers to understand.


  • PHCN officials attacked by angry Residents claimed the light is free, Nigerians react (video)

This headline is badly constructed and clumsy, hence making it hard to understand. It would be better put this way – People react as angry residents attack PHCN officials (VIDEO)

  • Fortunate Cool Facts, you need to know

No matter how hard an editor tries to look at it, this headline is beyond understanding. It would be better if the author writes what the ‘cool facts’ are about in the headline. This will aid comprehension. An example is: [Cool facts about Lagos governor you need to know]

  • Guys, Don’t Ever Date A Lady Going For NYSC ?

This headline can do without the question mark (?). The use of a question mark robs the headline of any clear meaning.

  • Nigeria Army Records More Success Stories Against Criminal Terrorist Defects Across The Country

This headline is confusing because there is no such thing as ‘Criminal Terrorist Defects’. It would make more sense if written as – [Nigeria Army Records More Success Stories Against Terrorists Across The Country]

  • SARS Operatives And Shot A Man, Lady Fatima Revealed

It is clear that a word is missing or an unnecessary word is used in this headline, hence making it incomprehensible. Two ways the headline makes sense are – [SARS Operatives Beat And Shot A Man, Lady Fatima Revealed OR SARS Operatives Shot A Man, Lady Fatima Revealed]

  • 7 Nigerian Actresses who became mother at teenage

This headline is incomplete, hence making it hard to understand. It would be easy to understand if just one word is added to complete it [ 7 Nigerian Actresses Who Became Mothers When They Were Teenagers]

  • Dwayne Johnson One Of The Famous Water Rats (1912–1913) Chinese Zodiac

This headline lacks meaning and the construction is totally impossible to understand.

  • Top 20 Nickelodeon Female Star With Phone Number And Address

Readers will struggle to understand the point of this headline. Every human being that lives in a house has a phone number and address, so the point of the headline is beyond comprehension.

  • Barack Obama: An academic who disowned him suspended

This headline lacks coherence and does not convey a clear meaning. It will make more sense if had been written as [University suspends professor who criticised Barack Obama years ago]

  • Just In. Blockchain-powered launched 75 million Samsung devices.

This headline is incomplete as some missing words make it impossible to understand. Since the article is about a streaming platform, the author could have said -[Just In: Blockchain-powered streaming platform launched on 75 million Samsung devices.]

I hope this article is helpful.



If you have any issue or concerns, kindly comment below and it will be attended to ASAP. However, if you want to discuss with an admin on WhatsApp or Telegram, please visit the Contact US Page. Thank you

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