Disadvantages of staying in the school hostel

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Disadvantages of Staying in the School Hostel.

school hostel disadvantages

Have you ever thought about the disadvantages of staying in the school hostel?

School hostel may not be all fun if you only know its disadvantages.

It’s very common to hear people talk about how nice it is to stay in the school hostel and how it helps students to be more balanced academically.

There is no doubt about the advantages of staying in the school hostel, but on the other hand, it has lots of disadvantages that should not be thrown under the carpet.

The coin has two sides. So also, staying in school hostels have two sides to it.

When we talk about the advantages of the school hostel, we shouldn’t in any way neglect its disadvantages.

Apparently, where a student chooses to stay in school has a great role to play in its overall academic performers.

People come to the university because of its importance in life. You can check the reasons why you should go to university.

We know that most persons that stay in school hostel today actually don’t want to, but for some certain reason, they have to cope with the whole situation not minding the disadvantages.

No doubt, hostels provide you with security and a roof over your head, but the disadvantages of staying in the school hostel beat everything.

Here are some of the disadvantages of staying in the school hostel, take a look:


Having to share a room with people that snores is as terrible as hell.

Imagine sharing a room with 9 persons and 6 snores terribly, it’s just going to be like war film at night.

Also, imagine the ones that are so unkempt and refuses to do laundry.

You will have to stay in such a state with little or nothing you can do.

No matter the awkward attitude of your roommates, you have got to cope with it.


If you are someone that doesn’t like turning on the lights when you want to sleep, this will be a great challenge. You can be fast asleep and your roommate will just turn on the lights because he/she can’t sleep with light off.

There is always that one person that does not like the light turned on when they sleep which could also be you, vice versa.

There are just so many disadvantages of staying in a school hostel.


In every hostel, there are some rooms that are better than some. For instance, some rooms have better ventilation than others.

You can prefer to stay in a room that has better ventilation or just close to the entrance of the hostel but you may not get such a hostel room because it’s the school that assigns that.

Also, you can’t choose your roommates. Before you come to the school hostel, you actually don’t even know the people you will meet in such a hostel. It’s such a big disadvantage especially when you are meant to cope with people than often irritates you.


The friends we meet in the university has a great way it shapes our lives. As nice as going to class, coming from class and taking a nap, etc may sound, it’s not so easy a routine to follow.

You are going to meet people that will influence you. One of the closest influencers you will get to learn things from are your roommates.

The influences of roommates cannot be overemphasized.

Some persons learn to smoke Indian hem in the school hostel. Some girls get influenced by the flashy cars that come to pick up their roommates from the hostel and the gift they bring back.

Introduction to bad habits becomes a ritual for students to follow in the hostel. If you do not get into the regular hostel life with these habits, you are treated as an outcast.

So many influences come from your roommates when you stay in the school hostel.


This is just the dreadful part. The facilities are so poor and the authorities give little or no regard for its state.

The toilets and bathrooms are nothing to write about especially when more than one room share a single bathroom and toilets.

As a girl that stays in the school hostel, it’s not advisable to use the toilet facilities directly.

The state of the bathroom also is just nothing to write home about. Even down to your lockers and cupboards, it’s nothing compared to what you have when off-campus. 


Just forget about privacy. You can’t get your own privacy or space in the school hostel, it’s not possible.

No matter the manner of privacy you want, from taking your bath to dressing up, there is just no privacy.

From keeping your things tidied but coming back to meet a mess.

The school hostel has no privacy!


The noise in the school hostel can just make you have a headache continually if you are the type that doesn’t like noise at all.

It becomes more annoying when you are coming from class after a stressful day, only for you to meet too much noise that you can’t even relax.


Staying in the school hostel got so many rules. These are rules you must obey if you really want to stay in the school hostel.

Some of this hostel, you are restricted from cooking, bringing, ring boilers or even electric iron to the school hostel. There are rules as to when you should ensure to be in your hostel etc

Though it has a good rule that protects the smallish students from the bigger ones like the “no fighting” rule. I don’t think there is any school hostel around the world that supports fighting.

Nonetheless, the rules involved in staying in school hostel are just too much that it frustrates someone sometimes.


This is a big problem. You can try to keep yourself and your space clean but you bunky or roommates may not do the same.

Even if you decide that the cleaning of the room is something you want to do, at some points,  you will have issues with your roommates who will tell you, you have messed up their stuff by cleaning their space.

If you want better hygiene, don’t stay in the school hostel.

Sometimes, the biggest threat to your hygiene is bed bugs. You can read more about why you shouldn’t stay in the school hostel here.



Students steal a lot in the hostel.

It’s obviously true that not all students steal, the same way that not all students are dirty.

This is one of the major disadvantages of staying in the school hostel.

My days in school hostel was beautiful but the stealing was something so unbearable.

NOTE: There are even much more disadvantages of staying in the school hostel the same with the much advantages. It all depends on you and what you want or can cope with.

Always remember that any choice you make as regards where you will stay in school has a great effect on your life in school and after school.

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